How To Select The Perfect Kitchen Sink That Will Match Your Needs

When you are building your own house or remodeling your kitchen, there is a need to purchase some sinks and faucets. You need to be wise, while choosing a kitchen sink because all your daily chores depend on it. To know the importance of a sink you can consider how many times in a day you use a sink as compared to other things like a microwave or stove.

Now-a-days, you will find a great variety in sinks, including variations in shape, size, material, colour, etc. Before purchasing a sink of your kitchen you need to first get familiar with the kinds of choices and options that are made available and then select a sink that match your needs.

The selection of composite sinks has its own pros and cons, composite sinks are the type of sinks that are made up of using two different kinds of material mainly natural stone.

Let’s see the different configurations in sinks:

  1. A large single sink
  • Pros: These are very versatile type of sinks and in a single sink you can easily wash big pans.
  • Cons: As it is a single sink structure, it is difficult to perform multi task like rinsing, etc.
  1. Two basins of 60:40 split
  • Pros: Two different size basins can be use to perform multiple tasks easily. You can use a large one to wash dishes and small one for preparation.
  • Cons: Washing large pans are difficult due to smaller basins.
  1. Two basins of 50:50 split
  • Many people are using such sinks as it is more comfortable and the ratio is not ideal you can change it according to your needs like 50:50 split.
  1. Three basins (two basins and a garbage disposal)
  • Pros: you can use a garbage disposal independently. Good for those people who want to keep away the garbage disposal separate from food.
  • Cons: it requires more space and perfect for large kitchens.

Different Shapes of Sink

  1. Farmhouse
  • Pros: These are simple large basins the only difference is the front of the sink and thought to depend on the material.
  • Cons: These are traditional basins, which is a good thing unless your taste changes. The vintage style is missing in these basins.
  1. Rounded sides
  • Pros: Because of the curves it is easier to clean.
  1. Built in drain board
  • Pros: As it offers all the activities this kind is more convenient. You can rinse and cut your vegetables, wash dishes and also prep.
  • Cons: It needs a bigger space and is suitable for larger kitchens.

Types of Sink Material

  1. Stainless steel
  • Pros: It is very durable and easy to clean material.
  • Cons: Not perfect for hard water because water spots remain in the sink.
  1. Porcelain
  • Pros: It a traditional stuff that gives a vintage touch.
  • Cons: It leaves a black mark scratch which is difficult to remove.
  1. Granite
  • Pros: It is a scratch resistant material.
  • Cons: It is more expensive to buy.
  1. Natural stone
  • Pros: A natural stone sink matches the countertop material of your kitchen
  • Cons: More costly, require special cleaning products and it can be scratched.

All this information will definitely assist you to buy a perfect sink and will be a part of your daily chores.

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