How To Prepare Smartly For JEE 2016

JEE advanced and JEE main 2016 are going to be the main target for all the engineering career aspirants in India as millions of students look to get through JEE and get admission in their dream college and have a perfect start to their career. But, unfortunately with this cut throat competition, only some will get admissions while others won’t. So, you have to prepare smartly for JEE main and stay ahead of the rest to get the desired result. So, your preparations will have to be up to the mark and such that you can make the most on the JEE mains 2016 exam date.

Some of the Smart Tricks to Prepare for the JEE Mains

  • Jot down the important portions of the syllabus which can get you a good rank. Smart preparation includes studying only those portions which is necessary for a good rank.
  • Try to spend time on revising the chapters every day. Students tend to forget the previous chapters due to studying hard.
  • Take care of your health and spirit as well. It’s necessary to keep you healthy so that you can work harder.
  • Do not over try any problem. There are easier problems which can fetch you marks.
  • Always believe in yourself. Keep the spirits high before the exam. Self confidence matters a lot in the JEE.

Preparation Techniques to get the Desired Result in JEE

After filling in the JEE mains 2016 application form, you have to keep a note of the JEE mains latest news as there can be new notifications which is important. Get the JEE mains syllabus and start your journey to your dream college. You need to do a lot of hard work to achieve that. Here are some things which h you should start doing right away.

Dedicate Enough Time for Studies

You have to dedicate enough time daily for studies. It takes some effort to keep away the distractions and sit and study. But for achieving the desired result, you need to put in that extra bit of effort and dedicate time for sincere study. It should be regular and should be sincere as well for best results.

Start the Preparation Freshly

Well, the JEE mains and advanced are different from the high school preparations and so you have to keep aside your past preparations and start everything freshly. The exam pattern will also be different from the school level exams. So, sit with the JEE mains syllabus and start taking each topic freshly.

Start Taking Short Tests and Evaluating Yourself

The best way of self evaluation is by taking test and noting down the performance. In that way, you will get knowledge about your capabilities, your strong and weak areas. So, start taking tests and note down performance to know which areas you need more practice. You just need to practice more on the areas you are strong and put effort to cover the areas in which you are weak such that you can answer the questions if they come in the exam. Solve the JEE mains 2015 question paper also.

Take help from the Internet

Studying from the internet helps a lot. You will get expert advice on the chapters and also the advanced problem solving techniques that will take lesser time than others. Those smart techniques actually go a long way in the exams.

There are a lot of online forums where students put up the questions where they are facing difficulties in and you can also put up your questions which they will answer. So, that is a form of group studying where you can get help on the difficult questions.

Most importantly, keep the morale high and keep confidence in yourself. That matters the most.

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