How to Organize Your Garage

How to Organize Your Garage

Do you have so much stuff in your garage, your car is left out in the cold? Keep reading.

Your garage is not too small – you just have too much crap. By organizing your garage and getting rid of old junk, you can finally park your car where it belongs. Not only will your life be more organized, but your car will also live a long and happy life protected from the elements.

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The Iconic American Garage

The American garage has become iconic over the years. Some of the world’s most successful companies started in garages, and many world-famous bands launched their careers from their parent’s garage.

Garages are actually older than the automobile. Once automobiles became a common good, many former carriage houses were repurposed to house cars rather than horses. As cars started to rise in popularity in the 1920s, the production of storage solutions for cars rose with it.

Over time, people started to use their garages for a variety of purposes, including working on projects or for storage. Eventually, cars were left out in the cold – literally. If this sounds familiar, keep reading to learn some helpful tips and tricks.

Organizing Your Garage

Everyone has different needs for their garages, so we’ve gathered some of our best garage organizing ideas for you to pick and choose.

Get Rid of Junk

First things first: Get rid of all the junk you never use. Donate old toys to charity, recycle anything that’s not usable, and have a garage sale. We know it’s a brutal job, but once it’s done you’ll feel so much better and can start organizing your items.

Wire Shelves

Wire shelves make a great overview of stored items and are cheap and versatile. Use racks to hang them on the wall and adjust them to your needs.

Stack Bins in Tower Shelves

Plastic bins are great for stacking, clearing space from the floor. Unfortunately, once they’re stacked it’s difficult to get to the bottom bins. To make them more practical, buy storage tower shelves or build them yourself. This makes it much easier to access the bottom shelves, without taking up any more space in your garage.

Ceiling Storage

The same plastic bins can also be stored onto the ceiling. Make your own rails and attach them to the ceiling using the bins as a guide for spacing them. This is perfect for storing lighter items such as Christmas lights or camping gear.

Corner Shelves

Make use of every square inch in your garage by building corner shelves. These will be great for storing smaller items like cans and bottles.

Storage Tubes

Buy cheap cardboard tubes meant for concrete-forming, and use them for storing anything with a long shaft – like long-handled tools, rackets, baseball bats, or fishing rods. Make sure you secure each tube to the floor and wall.

Wall Holders

You can also use wall holders to store long-handled tools like rakes, brooms, shovels, and other gardening tools. Buy the holders cheap, or build them yourself by using two plywood pieces and screw them to the wall in a slightly upward angle.

Other Wall Storage

The most challenging items to store are wheelbarrows, bicycles, sledges, tires, etc. We recommend storing these on the wall using customized wall holders that you can buy at any hardware store. That way you get them safely and securely off the ground and on the wall, clearing floor space.

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