How To Match Your Mobile Usage To The Perfect Mobile Plan

The array of different packages available for your mobile phone can be bewildering. It is important that you get a package which suits the way in which you use your mobile phone. This will depend on the amount of time you use your mobile and also the way in which you use it. In addition to this, there are a whole host of companies which can offer you packages, companies such as O2, Orange and Mobi-data. So what are the options open to you?

There are many mobile phone dealers on the high street. Companies such as Vodafone have high street outlets where you can walk in and talk to advisers. High street advisers tend to be very knowledgeable about mobile phones, their features and the packages available for each one. Typically, you will be able to take out a new package and get a new phone even when your original contract has not ended. If you time it right, there may be a few months left on the contract wihich the company will be willing to pay off if you buy a new contract through them.

How To Match Your Mobile Usage To The Perfect Mobile Plan

You will first need to select a handset which is right for your needs. As technology progresses so rapidly, you will find phones will be updated in terms of design, features, improved processing speeds and improved facilitiers such as cameras. You may want the latest iPhone or maybe go for an android-based phone, which offer cheaper packages.

The next thing to consider is which network package to choose. The main things to take into account are how often you use your phone for each of either texting, phone calls and internet usage. All providers will offer you a range of packages to suit those who use their phones infrequently to those who are always on their phones. Generally, unless going for a pay as you go phone, you’ll be taking out a contract for 12, 18 or 24 months. So it is a bit opf a commitment about your spending for a lengthy fixed period.

The trouble with going into a high street shop is that you can get swept up with the excitement of getting a new phone and often feel pressurised to sort it out then and there. This is not always the best method to get you the right package. A bit of research beforehand could stand you in good stead. Price comparison sites such as Moneysupermarket and Omio could help you check prices across a range of providers. That way, at least you know a bit about what is being offered by other providers before walking in of the street. Also, speak to your current provider before switching. They may well offer you a great deal just to keep your business. After all, mobile phone companies are battling to keep customers and getting a customer into a new 2 year contract will guarantee some more income for them.

You will normally be offered an insurance package with your phone, safeguarding you against loss, theft or damage. Never feel that you need to take out the insurance package which is offered with the phone. They are not always the best rates, averaging around £8 per month. Dedicated insurance companies can offer the same benefits but at much lower prices and you can arrange this after you have bought your phone. Check also whether your current insurance policies cover your phone. You may not need to pay any extra.

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