How To Keep Your Business Clean & Sanitised

How To Keep Your Business Clean & Sanitised

If your business offers any kind of public-facing services, then you will likely be thinking a lot more about the cleanliness and hygiene of your business and how you can resume normal practices, all whilst ensuring that you, your employees and your customers are safe. As you begin to reopen your business, whether it be a cafe, shop or restaurant, it is likely that you are facing more challenges than ever before and are having to take more things into consideration, but the cleanliness of your business is more important now than ever. 

It is important to approach the cleaning of your business with rationality and remember that safety is a huge priority for your business moving forward, so you need to establish good cleaning practices to ensure the success of your business in the covid-era. 

Encouraging Social Distancing

Perhaps one of the most hated phrases of 2020, but ensuring that social distancing is able to be carried out is hugely important for your business. In order to make your customers feel safe when they enter your business premises, one of the first steps you should take when reopening your business is to set out clear and simple social distancing routes around your business. 

This could include limiting the number of customers or clients in your business at any one time, measuring out the space between tables or encouraging a one-way system in and out of your business. It might feel counterintuitive to limit the number of customers coming into your business, but it will help to protect you and your customers in the long run and is likely to encourage customers to return if they feel safe and looked after.

General Cleaning and Hygiene

When it comes to welcoming customers into your business again, one of the best and most important ways to reduce the spread of germs in and around your business is ensuring that you and your employees are regularly washing and sanitising your hands. You should also be providing sanitiser for your customers to use when they enter and are in your business. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you are properly cleaning every surface that you, your employees or customers have had contact with and that you are thoroughly cleaning using a disinfectant or similar. 

If you are working in a warehouse or large industrial unit, but are still welcoming customers and visitors in, then a day to day general clean is recommended, but it may be worth considering things such as commercial pressure washing to ensure deep cleaning and sanitisation of floors and walls. It is also worth identifying any high touchpoints around your workplace and ensure regular disinfection of these spaces, too. Places such as light switches, door handles, buttons and appliances are often areas where both employees and customers are likely to regularly touch, increasing the risk of germs spreading. Try to create a rota where these areas are cleaned every 30-60 minutes at least.

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