How to Improve Your Company Parking Lot Safety For Your Employees

How to Improve Your Company Parking Lot Safety For Your Employees

When your workers park in the corporate lot, you want them to feel comfortable and protected. Your staff shouldn’t have to worry about dangerous situations or suspicious people as they go to and from their cars every day.

Parking lots, on the other hand, may be scary, especially for female employees. Whether or whether you believe your parking lot is a hotspot for criminal behaviour or unlawful activity, you should still follow some basic parking lot safety guidelines. Here are six ways for securing your business parking lot and teaching your employees how to do it safely.

Repair or install Lighting

Lighting has a greater impact on safety than practically any other metric. Too many businesses ignore their parking lots’ lighting and allow it to deteriorate. A well-lit location, on the other hand, will deter robbers and other criminals while also allowing your personnel to see what’s around every corner.

If your lights are faulty, contact a repair service as soon as possible. Meanwhile, make your personnel aware of the situation and tell them to remain attentive. If you don’t think your parking lot has enough lights, to begin with, install some.

Post Rules and Suggestions

Even if you teach your staff the rules several times, they are prone to forget. You may also find that you are unable to thoroughly train each new person that comes in. Post plainly stated regulations and ideas in plain sight to make fundamental safety principles available to everyone.

Employees should be encouraged to follow certain guidelines, such as: 

  • Stay aware. Don’t become distracted and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • When possible, take a walk with other individuals.
  • Be prepared to start your car immediately away. 
  • Before you get in your car, get your keys ready.
  • Lock your doors as soon as you get in your car, and don’t stay in the parking lot too long.

Rules that are posted act as helpful reminders for everyone.

Control Parking Lot with Road Signs

The most prevalent parking lot risks are collisions and automobile accidents. Your parking lot may be designed to be aesthetically beautiful while also offering employee parking lot safety. It’s understandable that employees want to go home as soon as possible, but speed bumps can help prevent collisions. 

On lengthy straightaways, speed bumps keep cars from accelerating to unsafe speeds. As well as the number of safety signs placed around corners, along straightaways, and at crosswalks slow down traffic even more. Incorporate pedestrian signs before crosswalks to reduce the risk of accidents with pedestrians. Driver distraction and speed are reduced when one-way lanes are used.

Headphones and Earbuds should be prohibited

If you own your company’s parking lot, you can prohibit the use of headphones and earbuds there. Music is a deadly distraction because it distracts individuals from hearing what is going on around them. Some thieves and crooks are on the lookout for persons who appear to be distracted or won’t be able to hear them approaching.

Even if you can’t completely prohibit the use of headphones in the parking lot, discourage your staff from doing so. To utilize this type of equipment, workers need to wait until they enter the building. 

Establish a Secure Waiting Area

You don’t want workers loitering in the parking lot as they wait for a ride home or a locksmith to extract their keys from their car. Provide a secure waiting area for your employees. Set aside another room if you don’t want people loitering in the lobby of your building. You could also tell staff that if they can’t leave right away, they should wait there rather than in the parking lot.

Allow employees to report hazardous or dangerous circumstances in the parking lot to management. Responding swiftly and effectively to reports of hazardous circumstances may help maintain your parking lot safe for employees and guests while also keeping your business functioning smoothly.

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