How To Get Started With 6 Ball Juggling? 3 Steps You Must Follow

Juggling balls, commonly pronounced as balls are a popular prop used by jugglers at carnivals. These are used either in an act of balance on their own- set of three or more balls- or in a combination with other props such as rings or rings. A juggling ball refers to an object that is typically spherical in nature.

How to Get Started with 6 Ball Juggling?

Before getting started with 6 ball toss, you should have the mastered this act with 4 balls. 6 ball juggling is about revising many of same steps of 4 ball juggle, except now you have to do with 3 balls in each hand. At first, opt for smaller juggle balls than the ones commonly used so that they fit more easily and more neatly in your hand.


3 balls in one hand… flash! Try throwing 3 juggle balls in one hand- left hand would rotate anticlockwise or right hands clockwise in an inward scoop-then just catch them. With months of practice, you will get used to the height, speed, and also finish more cleanly. After you have mastered the art of inward scoop juggling, practice in the opposite direction-outward scoop, and then do with your weaker hand. Once, the task seems a lot of easier and nearing perfection, you are ready to move to the next level, but bear in mind that this step call for months of hard work and dedication to become smooth and effortless.

How To Get Started With 6 Ball Juggling? 3 Steps You Must Follow


Again, 3 juggle balls in one hand…and on and on! Now, try your best to get as many catches as possible. It will good in the long run to take notes and keep records since there is always scope for improvement.


6 juggling balls flash! The final hurdle- throw and catch all 6 juggle balls just once. You can either opt for throwing the balls from each from hand at the same time in synchronisation or different times (staggered pattern). As a beginner, the later one is the best option to gain confidence and build up speed and efficiency for the next former type of juggling. Once, you have successfully with 6 juggling, try doing 8 throws and catches, 10, then 12 etc and earned the badge of the best juggle in your town.

Common Mistakes to Avoid


Most jugglers find that their weaker hand wanders across the body, make it more likely to collide with the other hands with balls.  If you notice something like this happening with you, then make more of a conscious effort to keep both your hands a safe distance apart.

Different heights of ball

Attempt to maintain consistent height with all the juggle balls in either hand. As soon as one throw goes a bit higher or lower, there are chances you will lose your tempo making it quite hard to continue.

Weaker hand

Strengthen your weaker hand with practice

To sum up, practice, dedication, and passion, all these three factors goes hand in hand to become a successful 6 ball juggler.

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