How To Eliminate Scorpions From Your Home

How To Eliminate Scorpions From Your Home

Developing an action plan to get rid of scorpions gives you confidence in eliminating your pest problem. These feisty little arachnids are programmed to find prey sources whether they live in your home or on your outside property. Knowing how a scorpion behaves can give you the upper hand in your battle.

Removing food sources to keep scorpion prey out of your home and becoming familiar with a scorpion’s preferred resting place clues you in on how to get rid of these arachnids.

Use these 4 tips to banish these pesky little critters from your home for good.

Admit the Problem

Insect populations can multiply quickly until you address the problem. Some homeowners wish to avoid the issue by ignoring their scorpion problem. Although you might be blind to the issue the scorpions see your home as a comfortable, prey-rich spot. They won’t leave until you either remove their prey source or make your house less welcoming for them.

Admit your pest problem. Scorpions are rugged, tenacious survivors. You can’t eliminate them until you’ve admitted that they’re living in your home, rent-free.

How To Eliminate Scorpions From Your Home

You May Be the Problem

Even though you may not want to admit it, you could be the problem attracting scorpions into your home. The skilled little predator pops up in your home to follow prey sources. Crickets, roaches and other scorpion prey feast on the crumbs and other food particles which may be laying around your home on a regular basis. Getting rid of the crumbs eliminates scorpion food from your house.

Mop floors, toss out trash on a daily basis and do whatever it takes to remove food particles and other forms of organic rubbish from your home. If roaches and other scorpion prey aren’t around to chow down on crumbs scorpions won’t make their way into your home.

Cleaning your home regularly can greatly reduce your scorpion problem without exploring any other needs to eliminate these pesky little critters.

Green Solutions

Go the eco-friendly route for a family and pet safe solution to your scorpion problem. Moisten burlap bags. Place the bags in the center of any room affected by scorpions before you hit the sack. A moist, old sack is an appealing place for scorpions to visit. On waking you can pick up the bag and dispose of the scorpions in whatever manner you wish.

Boric acid and glue boards are 2 other solutions which may be a tad more aggressive but effective means of eliminating scorpions from your home.

Backyard Check

Scorpions prefer damp, dark environments. Cut thick grass and check wood piles and other forms of lumber for scorpions regularly.  Junk piles, garages and swimming pools may also be ideal hiding places for scorpions.

Until you’ve looked around for these little arachnids it’s best not to move haphazardly around your property. Do a scorpion check before grabbing a log from your woodpile to avoid a nasty sting. Minimize shady areas in your home too. Make your dwelling and property less hospitable to these pesky critters to scorpion proof your home.

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