How to Connect an Internet Using an American IP Address

Your favorite services like Hulu & Pandora are blocked in your country or maybe you’re an American but on a summer trip to Asia,
you can’t access your US only streaming services & ultimately feel deprived.
Such websites use geographical IP filtering to refuse access to users outside US.
You need to go around this; you need to somehow get an American IP address either by using a US proxy or a VPN with US server.

These tools will let you access services or websites & even US only services from anywhere in the world.
Let’s see what these services can provide you.
Web Proxies
Web proxies are websites which host relay services.
They hide your true IP address or location and give you access by providing you a proxy server.
Such web proxies allow you to visit websites via which you can access a link anonymously.
You can be sitting in Australia but by these proxies you will be given an American IP Address. There are several sources which give you American Web Proxies.
Here’s a list of few of these proxies for you.
• Hide My Ass
• Jumboproxy
• Kproxy
• USwebproxy
With all the favors web proxies give, there are few issues which we must consider before using them.
Web proxies may not be compatible with video or SSL & hence they can compromise security, so you are advised to not use your bank account via web proxies.
Http Proxy Servers
Http proxy servers work by configuring your browser. It means that you need to make a few changes to your web browser in order to let http proxy work.
Though not completely safe, but http proxy servers are relatively better than web proxies.
Some of the HTTP proxy servers which will help you in getting an American IP Address are as under.
• Spys
• Proxynova
• Xproxy
• Freeproxylists
• PublicProxyServers
Paid Proxies
Such proxies also redirect or relay your web requests through a server in US. They are faster, much more reliable & safer than free proxies.
However as their name suggests, they are paid & hence ask something from your pocket.
Virtual Private Network
A VPN gives you a virtual private connection to the internet. This means that you can connect using an American IP Address from anywhere in the world.
Such networks which give you a US server to connect to & hence lets you use US only services from any country in the world.
VPNs are programs which need to be installed in your system. These VPNs then make a virtual network to access internet.
VPNs are usually compatible with most programs. Web browsers, chatting & even email programs can also be used by a VPN so there will be no trouble whether you want to chat, check mail or use streaming programs.
Another perk of VPN is that it can be configured to encrypt your internet traffic hence maintaining privacy without compromising on security.
Some of the trusted VPNs which will give you an American IP Address to use from across the globe are listed below.
• HideMyAss
• VyprVPN
• IPVanish
• ExpressVPN
Author Bio:
Nadia Kifli is an IT professional and content writer. She has several years of experience working in the VPN industry.
She recommends American VPN for secure and safe internet surfing.

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