How To Be A Confident Person

How To Be A Confident Person

Attractive, confident, funny, charismatic. These are some characteristics that define an alpha individual. While we all know what the goal is, it is tough to get there. So in this article, you’ll see some of the main characteristics of a confident personality. You don’t have to master them all, think about a few which are closer to you and then try to work on them. You will observe how drastically different your attitude will be after you implemented them in your life.

Appreciate others

When you think about an alpha personality, you might think that all you have to do to be that person is to be the loudest or funniest person in a group. But that’s not true. The most important thing when you want to capture someone or someone’s attention is giving them the same attention. People always tend to like people who already like them. If they know you understand them, they will provide you with more recognition for the things you say to them. After all, it’s not about your personality; it’s about your authority. It’s hard to build that, but it’s not impossible.

Another important thing here is that don’t let yourself be carried away. If you have the attention of a group of people by being the funniest or the most exciting person, they make sure you let others express themselves as well.


If you don’t like yourself, how would you expect others to do that? You have to be sure about what you speak or what you do. Even if you’re doing something “unpopular” which helps you, don’t deny it. Be persistent about yourself and your habits. Also, don’t freak out when something unexpected happens. Keep your cold blood and think about your next move.

Confidence has another side as well, the body language. When it comes to that, it’s essential to always have a positive attitude with your gestures. What I mean by this is to make sure you always go for hand hug-s, which indicates that you are in a closer relationship to the other person. If you feel close to the other person and he doesn’t bother you to get into his intimate zone (>45 cm), you can also go for a hug. Also, when it comes to body language, make sure you have an open body. No crossed feet or hands. That indicates weakness and that you still don’t feel comfortable in that group.


If we mentioned an alpha person in the movie screens, James Bond would be in our top 5 list. He can do everything from dancing to playing poker, driving a tank, repairing a car or hacking a computer. These are some excellent skills, but he didn’t learn them overnight. Even if he’s in a fictional character, you get the point.

Nobody is born skilled in something. We might tend to be good at something, but we all need practice and learning. So the next time you look for an activity to pass the time, look for an online course and learn something new. This can be anything from a dance course to a design class. The point is to be skilled and passionate in multiple things and to practice them. You never know when it can be useful. Passion can be the most attractive attribution that a person can own.


We all know someone who always replies “Nothing” when we ask them “What are you doing?”. If you don’t want to be that person, make sure to build habits that you enjoy. It’s always your choice whether the 24 hours in a day is too much or too little for you. Make sure to create 4 types of hobbies or habits: one that makes you smarter or informs you, one that brings you happiness, and one to develop yourself.

The first one is important because it’s always good to know what happens in the world or to have more knowledge about something than the others. The second one may be the most important. We spend hours at the workplace, and we need something that brings us happiness. This can be an activity like hiking, fishing, or even gaming. Maybe the last one is the most simple. You can just grab out your phone and play your favourite games. There are many games from arcade to casino games like Sizzling Hot, and you will surely find something that you enjoy and help you pass the time. And lastly, the third one is the most self-explanatory. It’s always important to learn new things and to become a better person. That is the thing that separates strong character from the others. The hunger to improve yourself.

Express emotions

Being an alpha male in your group doesn’t mean that you have to be indifferent, and having the same mimic always. An alpha male or a leader is still that person who has the most empathy towards the others. If you think about it, nobody wants to be friends with a robot. Instead, show compassion. Show that you care about the other person and you can share the same feelings by telling them about your similar feelings. This makes others feel safe around you, which will lead to appreciate you more and be more open to you.

On the other hand, make sure you express your positive feelings as well. Having a person in your group that always brings positive vibes is priceless. These people always lift other persons and make them feel better about themselves.

How To Be A Confident Person

Wrap up

After all, being an alpha person, it’s not about being the most feared or respected person in the room. It’s about being the most loved person in your group of friends or workmates. It’s essential always to bring value to your relationships. If you do that they will appreciate you more and respect you, making you an alpha personality.

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