How To Avoid Being Late?

We often need to deal with challenges in life and life is often all about facing one challenge after another. In fact, there are many people who crave for challenges when things get much too easier and tedious. They often say that they want to work things out their own way. When facing new challenges, we often need to change our work patterns, habits and behaviours to make it easier for us to deal with those challenges. Deep down, we know that we really need to confront those challenges, but there are times when we always need to fall back to the old familiar ways.

There are certainly some habits that we need to change to help us deal with challenges whenever necessary, such as arriving late for work or appointments. Unfortunately, making it on time can be a constant battle and we tend to be late not matter how we’ve tried. Due to some unforeseen external factors, we just can’t get there on time and we would end up being late. It is one problem that we need to deal with and it can be rather difficult for us to change our habit or pattern. In fact there are some people who have absorbed lateness to their level of identity.

Being punctual and be there one time should be among the first essential steps we need to do when we want to change our behaviours. If we don’t arrive in time, it is possible that we would miss a lot of things and even if we late only 5 minutes, this could already significantly affect us psychologically, making it harder for us to perform well. We could become distracted more easily and our priorities could become mixed up due to specific things. However, no matter how hard we tried, nothing seems to change and it is as if whatever we do is doomed to start late.

In this case, we should try to improve our timekeeping and we may need to do something more drastic. In this case, we may need to transform our daily schedule, especially after we arrive home. It means, we may need to sacrifice one hour or more of our time for productivity purposes. It means that we need to eat dinner, go to sleep, wake up, take a bath, eat breakfast and go to the office one hour earlier. This could be the simplest thing we need to do and it requires some kinds of sacrifice, especially if we have some leisure activities that we need to do after we arrive home.

In this case, we need to motive ourselves with a stick and carrot. After we do this for at least one week, we could begin to see that many of our problems are actually caused by our lateness. Eventually, the way we think will change and it is much easier for us to handle issues at work. We would enjoy going to the office when the traffic is less crowded and the air feels fresher. Arriving at the office when there are fewer people in it could also be a good experience. We could have at least 15 minutes to relax and compose ourselves before we begin working.

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