How I Use Real Estate In My Everyday Activities – Local Records Office

How I Use Real Estate In My Everyday Activities – Local Records Office

LOS ANGELES – I’ve been in the real estate investing business for some time now and I have my share of knowledge, even though I don’t have 10+ years like some of my colleague I’ve learned a lot.

After a few years in the business I started noticing that many people were talking about “marketing”, but I also noticed how unimportant it was for them. For some people it went from one ear to the other.

Being young and hungry I set my goals right and high, I wanted to close a deal as soon as possible, I wanted a steady cash flow, so I took it upon myself to study and learn the real estate investing business in and out. After a few months of staying up late and studying, how agents make money to how the real estate business is changing I was confident with what I’ve learned.

The Time Has Come to Show the World What I Can do

After months of studying and sleepless nights I wanted to show everyone what I was capable of but for one reason or another, I couldn’t do it. Was it because it was my first time? Or was it because what I thought was confidence is actually fear? What ever it was I couldn’t suck it up and take the first step. After a few days I decided I needed it to take it slow so I started to write down what I needed to do. I needed leads and I needed them as soon as possible.

How Does A Beginner Start Getting Leads?

I started interviewing many real estate veterans and I wrote down the key points of how they became so successful.

  • Create catchy business cards and hand them out to successful investors, agents and buyers
  • Create catchy flyers and post them all over the city
  • Hire a good advertising company to go door-to-door and put door hangers
  • Send out creative postcards
  • Placing ads in the most popular newspaper and online
  • Write good blogs to post on real estate websites with a link to my website and phone number
  • Start posting daily on my social media accounts
  • The majority of these methods have the ability to drive traffic and the possibility to become leads. After a few months of doing this I saw somewhat activity but not what I was expecting. After analyzing what the problem could be it hit me like a ton of bricks, I wasn’t marketing correctly.

Your Marketing Message Should Be Loud and Clear

I noticed that even though my message was on the flyers and business cards the problem was that I wasn’t being “clear enough”. I needed to get my message in the clears way possible. For example when you go to the market store the prices are there loud and clear and they aren’t hidden or around the bush.

Research Your Market

The main goal for people who are in the real estate business is to make money and expand. But before any of that could happen they need to figure out where they could fit in and grow. Businesses and be businesses without the supply and demand of the clients needs. The first thing anyone who is thinking of expanding is to research his or her market. Research what is in demand by clients and what is considered out of date. By finding your “hook” you will have a higher chance of rising over the competition.

Some real estate agents find their hook and go as far as staging a house to sell faster because none of the completion is doing that so it will get more attention from sellers and will increase the chances to sell.

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