How Air Conditioning Units Cause Illness And Death

While air conditioning units help to keep people comfortable, they can also pose a serious health threat to unsuspecting people.

Air conditioning systems are some of the most ubiquitous and beloved pieces of modern technology. Their ability to cool any structure enables people to live or work in almost any environment. All they have to do is go indoors and turn on the cooling system. But for all the comfort and convenience they provide these beloved cooling systems are also a very serious health hazard. That is particularly true for children, the elderly and people with compromised immune or respiratory systems. In fact not even healthy adults are safe from this technology.

How Air Conditioning Units Cause Illness And Death

The problem is conditioning the air using the systems most homes and businesses have can actually promote the growth and proliferation of dangerous microorganisms. The cooling systems have been implicated in the spread of illnesses such as Legionnaires’ disease and upper respiratory tract infections. It can also cause dehydration, trigger asthma attacks, irritate the eye, nose, and throat and cause flu-like symptoms. So while the systems can help to keep people cool in sweltering temperatures, people should think long and hard before having them installed.

The issue is while the units designed to clean and recirculate the air, they have a propensity for allowing bacteria, fungi and pollen to build up within the system. When these things are released into living or working spaces people can begin to get sick. But the problem can be prevented. People in the market for cooling systems should be careful to choose models with a proven track record for their ability to eliminate the buildup of toxins. In addition they should also make arrangements to have the entire system regularly cleaned by skilled professionals.

Most of the health problems develop when the cooling systems are not properly maintained. Dirty air filters in the cooling system can release dangerous pollutants back into the building and get people sick. If you, your loved ones or your staff frequently suffer from the common cold, sore throat, and tonsillitis or constantly complain about chest pains, body aches, headaches, high fever (over 104) and low energy, take them to a doctor and have your air conditioning system serviced and thoroughly cleaned.

Air cleaning, cooling and recirculating systems are a common part of everyday life. The systems are found in homes, school, hospitals and all types of businesses. However, unless they’re properly maintained and professionally cleaned regularly they can sicken or even kill the men, women and children who use them every day.

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