Hopping Around The Wilderness

Hopping Around The Wilderness

If you want to get a view of the Tanzania to the fullest in the shortest time possible, then don’t think much – you must go for the fly in Safari Tanzania option. Though this may not be as exceptional as the Serengeti Balloon Safari, but this one is designed such as to make your entire journey more convenient, less tiring and fast.

Hopping Around The Wilderness

Fly in Safari versus Driving Safari

If you look at the cost point of view, then quite obviously fly in safaris are a bit expensive option. However, the fly in safari lets you explore Tanzania with a 3D eagle eye’s view! You not only familiarise yourself with the game but also get the spectacular view of the Tanzanian landscape in a much safer way. On the other hand, driving safaris gives you a macro view of the wildlife of Tanzania. The choice entirely depends on your convenience and budget.

The Tours and the Tour Operators

The Elewana sky safari provides the best fly in safari Tanzania experience. With the standard package, you get to stay 2 nights at Arusha, 2 nights at Tarangire and 2 nights at the Serengeti. You may also optionally opt to fly to the Zanzibar islands for a three day exotic beach escapement. The travelling experience is totally lavish where you would be seated in an executive nine seater, Cessna Caravan type plane. Throughout the flight, you would be provided with elegant class butlery services, luxurious comfort and rich hospitality. You can peep through the plane’s windows to get a game rich view of the park’s landscape. Prices of fares are approximately as follows:

  • January to March – about $6, 000 to $7000
  • April to May – about $ 5, 000 to $6000
  • June to October – about $ 7, 000 to $8000

These rates are inclusive of Intra Africa air fares, 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners, park and crater fees. With the same aircraft and paying some extra, you can have a trip to the Zanzibar, Pemba and the Mafia Island as well.

Unlike the typical 13 commuter seater planes, this 9 seater club class seater plane is the Executive Cessna 208B type which is the first of its kind in Tanzania. Its interiors are handcrafted with the executive Oasis taste of the famous YingLing Aviation. The plane also has a unique coffee station and bar to keep you charged during the journey. All safety measures according to world class airline guidelines comply with the aircraft.

Some exclusive fly in safari Tanzania trip ideas includes the: Bee eater fly in safaris, Avocet fly in safari, Chimpanzee fly in safari, Martial eagle fly in safari and others.

The Stops

Fly in safaris helps you to shorten the time that you would otherwise spend it long via land rovers or other land vehicles. For the rest of the time, you must hire an experienced tour operator who would help you proceed through the rest of the journey in the most lavish way. The Elewana fly in packages is inclusive of food as well as night halts, although, you can always tailor your choices.

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