High Quality Software In Aiding Portfolio Management

High Quality Software In Aiding Portfolio Management

Haidar Capital Management has been the talk of the New York capital market for years now. The formula behind their marvellous success and the phenomenal run in the years since its inception has been something highly sought after by many. Even though the process has been simple, the expertise needed to properly implement it to achieve the best result is something that does not come easily to all. When Dr. Said Haidar began his venture almost no one thought that within a span of a few years it will become one of the top financial advisory concerns in New York providing excellent service to top clients and handling portfolios whose valuation run to millions of dollars.

However, Dr. Haidar proved that nothing is impossible and that expertise and knowledge simply cannot be substituted. Dr. Said Haidar is one of the brightest students to have ever graduated from the Harvard College. After completion of his studies at Harvard, he enrolled in the University of Chicago where he completed his doctoral degree in 1986. After the studies he joined Lehman Brothers as its Vice President and remained there from 1989 to 1994. After that he became the Director of CSFB and held that position between 1994 and 1997. In the year 1997 he finally quit the job to start his own venture by the name Haidar Capital Management.

The aim was to provide great service and to use his knowledge to achieve success through the capital market trading. His capital management organization has over the years handles numerous portfolios or top industrialists, businessmen, well renowned families, and that of the family businesses, and even that of the many corporate organizations. The rich portfolio of the clients is proof of the fact that the organization has proven its worth in the global market. The major turnaround for Haidar Capital Management or Haidar Jupiter Fund LLC has been the implementation of a brand new system in their process which allowed best performance as well as high client satisfaction.

The capital management company hired the Fund-Studio portfolio management system which was originally built by Objective, a software and service provider working exclusively for the financial organizations. Earlier, with the growing amount of portfolios that were to be managed, it was becoming a towering task for the portfolio managers to effectively keep a track of all the portfolios under them. The huge volume was also becoming too much for the installed system and the system was turning out to be too rigid for handling such varied data. Proper use of data and high quality database management system has always been the key to success for any business organization.

Now, as the old system was put out of service and the new system by the name of Fund-Studio was implemented, the change was glaring in the eye of all. The fast and secure management system was also capable of handling the immense data load of the organization and provided easy means to the employees to keep a track of the various transactions, thus making decision making easier.

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