How Does the Heated Windscreen Wiper Work?

There are a great number of items which can be added to your vehicle after you have purchased it.  The majority of these items have limited real use but are fun gimmicks.  However, every so often, these small businesses create something which is very beneficial to you and can make your life easier driving an automobile as well as improving your safety whilst in the road.

One item which can make a huge difference all year round is the heated windscreen wiper.  Your first reaction may be disbelief; how can a heated windscreen significantly change your safety when driving.  The answer is simple, purchase a heated windscreen wiper from Crystal Clear Blades and they will install it on your vehicle for you.  Whenever the temperature drops your heated windscreen wiper will clear the ice off the screen; ensuring maximum visibility at all times.

How Does the Heated Windscreen Wiper Work?

The Technology

The wiper blade looks very similar to a standard blade.  You can choose to have one fitted or two; depending upon your current set up.  They are usually installed by the place where you purchased them.  This will ensure they are mounted correctly and the wiring is completed.  The wiper can then be turned on and off in the same way as you usually would.

When the wiper is on the sensors connected to it will verify the temperature of the windscreen.  As soon as the temperature is lower than a preset amount the wiper blades will start to heat up.  They are heated from your vehicle and will quickly reach a temperature of 65 degrees Centigrade.  The blade will then move across the screen and melt the ice as it comes in touch with it.  Ice is unable to form on the wiper blade as it is too hot and will melt it as soon as it touches.

Because the ice is melted as the heated windscreen wiper moves across it; the wiper blade never meets any resistance.  This allows it to retain its shape close to the screen and effectively remove all traces of moisture and dirt.

It is possible to purchase systems which use the standard blades but spray hot water across the screen for you.  The hot water should melt the ice and allow the wiper blade to follow it across the screen.  However, there is a concern regarding the use of hot water on a cold screen.

Useful Points

Having a heated windscreen wiper provides the convenience of being able to get in your car and go.  It takes just a few moments for the heated blades to warm up and start doing their job.  In the meantime you can start your engine and close you doors; allowing the engine to warm up the car to get some heat inside.  This will make it more pleasant and safer for you to use the vehicle.

Although many people will tell you the heated windscreen wiper is a pointless luxury it is something that is gradually building; and will add an additional element of safety when driving on the road

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