Heat Pumps: An Answer For The Future

A moderate need for heating and cooling encourages the popularity of heat pumps. This is a tool to regulate the temperature of the room by absorbing and distributing heat. Working with electric power, the pump transfers hot air from one point to another and is certainly opposite to the laws of nature. This tool can work in two modes so that it is practically used throughout the year. When in summer this tool can function as AC and when in winter this tool can function as air warmer. In terms of efficiency, heat pumps are seen as the best solution as they can save operating costs up to 75% of the cost required to operate conventional heating and air conditioning. Related to this, many countries in the world are now encouraging the use of heat pumps compared to other furnaces or heaters.


There are at least three popular types of heat pumps; water, air-to-air, and geothermal-based sources. The name difference is determined by the difference in the mined heat source. The most popular type among the three is air-to-air. The reason is that this type is more suitable to be applied to housing. It is also capable of delivering good dehumidification, even better than that generated by most Air Conditioners. The United States is the country with the largest number of users of air-to-air heat pumps in the world. But in some extreme temperatures in the country, the use of geothermal based pumps is preferred.

Each type of heat pump has its own advantages and disadvantages, all depending on the purpose and location of the usage. Geothermal heat pump is the most cost-effective among the three but it requires substantial installation costs. The United States and Canada are two countries that are so eager to promote this type because this type is proven to reduce operating costs by up to 60% of the average cost. Large installation costs include research on underground conditions, construction of pump installation foundations, and so forth. All must be done in detail and carefully. Water-based heat pumps got a lot of positive testimony from its users but, just like geothermal based pumps, the installation cost is not cheap.

Speed ​​mode

The speed mode in question is what is related to the performance of the compressor. This is a further innovation that allows the pump to work not only at full capacity. This innovation allows the pump to operate at half the capacity of the full condition. The operating conditions in question can save electrical power so components (related to wear and tear). The heat pump with a two-speed feature can implement so-called zone control systems. The latest speed mode is also offset by a variable control system that brings its users to comfortable airspeed, significant power savings, and minimal quantity of cold drafts.

Brand selection

Of course you need to find as many references as possible. You are advised to use certain keywords such as air source heat pump installation, best heat pump, air-to-air heat pump, and so on. The Internet provides all the information you need.

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