Guide: Types And Benefits Of The Concrete Pumps

The professionals of the concrete industry believe concrete pumps provide the best method to transfer the wet concrete. It has got so popular that this method is being used in almost every type of construction projects. The reason behind its popularity is concrete pumps gives flexibility to the projects as compared to the traditional way of pouring concrete.

While using the older method, the cranes were used to lift the buckets to take the liquid concrete to the heights. It was a difficult process and also time taking. But, it is not the situation anymore. The concrete pumps have made the work easy. Also, it is a faster process to supply the mixture to wherever the need is.

Different Types Of Concrete Pumps

The different types of structures have different needs. That is why there are four types of concrete pumps to pick for the different needs of the construction. Have a look at these pumps to get details about how they operate on the site.

1. Boom Pumps

Boom pumps are popularly known as truck mounted pumps. It is beneficial for the big projects that need a large amount of concrete.

This concrete pumping tool works with the help of a remote control. It comes with a robotic arm, installed on the truck. It operates the pump containing the concrete. This robotic arm moves the pump in all the directions. It is the best tool to use in the compact spaces.

2. Line Pump

This pump helps in the execution of the small scale operations. Therefore, it is used to build structures like swimming pools, driveways, sideways, etc. It is used in all those tasks which require less amount of concrete.

The outlet of the machine is connected to the pump mounted on the van. It makes the use of hoses for the connection. Also, the size of these hoses depends upon the type of project. In addition to this, multiple hoses can also be used here to reach the space which requires concrete.

The Benefits Of The Concrete Pumps

The concrete pumps provide various benefits on the site. Have a look!

1. Ease Of Access

The first one out of all is the ease of pumping concrete in the absence of huge concrete trucks near the site. The construction sites are one of the busiest places. The labours are busy in various types of work. Installing huge equipment or parking the large trucks near them can be an obstacle.

Therefore, it gets easier to deliver the concrete without disturbing the work environment. Even the restricted places can be accessed with ease with the help of the concrete pumps.

2. It Is Cost-Effective

Such concrete pumping services are super cost-effective. They are known to be the best ways for commercial or residential structures. To get such services, browse the internet for the affordable concrete pumping services of the reputed companies like RMS Concrete. The professionals make sure to provide the services in an affordable manner. They take the safety of everyone working on the sites seriously.

3. Faster Execution Of The Work

The big projects require advanced tools for faster and more efficient work. These machines are designed to provide a secure environment. Concrete pumps surely make it possible. Therefore, it helps in meeting the deadline of the project by implementing the work faster.

Everybody knows the advantages that the concrete pumps provide over the traditional methods now. The per hour supply of the concrete is much higher than all the previous methods. There is a continuous supply of concrete through the pumps. It means that there will be no wastage of time of the workers as they do not have to stick to a particular task for a long time. Also, they do not have to wait for the crane to get the next bucket of the liquid concrete.

It is important to prepare the site for the pumping process. Many times, the construction site is full of waste materials. It obstructs the task by making the movement difficult for everyone. Therefore, make sure to get rid of the garbage and maintain the site well. Also, the site must have proper space for the pumps. The construction site must have ample space to park the trucks as well.

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