Great Ways To Launch A Career In Aviation

Great Ways To Launch A Career In Aviation

For decades after the end of the Cold War and the subsequent scaling down of the space race between the two global super powers it may have seemed to many that the aviation field had reached a plateau and stagnation had set in big time. With budgets slashed astronomically NASA’s hands were tied and manned space projects were limited to just manning and supplying the International Space Station.

As USA Today’s Pamela M. Prah noted in April 2014, there are a wealth of aerospace jobs nc and other Southern states are now offering prospective employees. Thanks to new private, military and international aerospace contracts galore, the future again looks bright in the Old North State. Many job disciplines and job skill levels are required to fill this increasing demand in North Carolina.

Great Ways To Launch A Career In Aviation

Well informed souls are venturing into the fray to capture one of the myriad of aerospace jobs in North Carolina now has available in technical and supporting roles in the aviation industry there. As companies like; Lockheed Martin in Raleigh, Kidde Aerospace and Defense in Wilson, BE Aerospace in Winston-Salem and High Point, UTC Aerospace Systems of Charlotte and Monroe, Spirit Aerosystems of Kinston and GE Aviation Durham/Wilmington compete for talent in the Tar Heel state.

Job growth in the aerospace field in North Carolina –where the aviation industry was spawned in Kittyhawk– is second to only one other state in the nation. The competition for the aerospace jobs nc sports will be fierce as; Engineers, Assemblers, Machine Operators, Production Planners and Manufacturing Supervisors flock there to realize their career goals at companies like Honda Aircraft in Greensboro, which is hiring hundreds of new employees to work in their research and development plant.

There are numerous factors involved in the blossoming boom in aerospace jobs nc is trying to fill. North Carolina –where machinists working in aerospace manufacturing average over $42,000 annually– is doing everything that it can to keep the ball rolling too with a near quarter billion dollar incentive package. Of which a sizable chunk is devoted to aviation job training and development. Those aspiring to land some of the aerospace jobs nc is boasting should look into the Aerospace Manufacturing Readiness courses being offered at Lenoir Community College there.

At “press time” Eaton Aerospace was looking for:

  • Fayettville location- a Welder, a Metal Fabrication/Press Brake Operator, a Customer Service Manager and Manufacturing Technicians
  • Charlotte location- a Field Service Technician, an Outside Sales Engineer
  • Arden location- a Customer Order Engineer, an Electrical Test Technician

Another reason that aerospace manufacturers have taken to North Carolina is that it is an ardent right-to-work state. That has had the effect of keeping down employees’ average wages to the tune of several dollars below the national average. Not the greatest thing for organized labor, who continue to smart from the effects of states that choose right-to-work policies.