Great Holiday Destinations

Great Holiday Destinations

Now the winter has come and gone, it’s time to start planning for your summer holiday. Millions of Brits travel abroad each year, making it a popular choice. Of course, there are domestic tourists, but it’s always great to get away from it all, whilst experiencing new destinations, climates and cultures.

There are many types of holiday destinations to choose from, but for many people the cost will determine where they travel to and the length of stay. Otherwise, the travel world as we know it in terms of most popular destinations, such as Spain, would be very different. Just imagine if you could travel to the Maldives and stay in a four star hotel for a week, all inclusive for around £350 – pretty much the same cost as travelling to Spain with similar travel itinerary.

Anyway, for those who have managed to save or can afford to go to a destination a little more exotic or different, there are some great places out there to discover:

Kauai, Hawaii

There are many island that make up Hawaii, USA and there are so many options when it comes to visiting Hawaii.  Kauai is one of the oldest islands and there is so much that can be done while on the island.  Whether you want to go to one of the many state parks or beaches or want to see where many different movies were filmed, Kauai has it all.  To get the full experience of staying on the island it is recommend that you stay in one of the many Kauai rentals that allows you more privacy and a better vacation.  When staying in your home vacation home you have easier access to the beach and can spend long days there, while easily going back to your home.  So whether you are on your honeymoon or are just looking for a great tropical vacation look no further than Kauai, Hawaii.


Mexico has a lot to offer as a holiday destination and believe it or not, most people visiting Mexico book an all inclusive holiday, which has seen local businesses and residents suffer as a result; less people booking self catering has affected the pockets of locals. This is unfortunate because the cuisine that Mexico has to offer is second-to-none and can’t be experienced when eating inside a hotels restaurant.


The Bahamas is a very popular honeymoon destination amongst the Brits and I recent years the number of people going on holiday to the Bahamas has increased two-fold. Be sure to walk on the golden beaches and catch the surf.


The Seychelles is such an exotic destination and is very expensive, but the beaches and spectacular views are to die for and for many is a once in a lifetime trip. The Seychelles as for a long time being associated with newlyweds and honeymoon couples and not without good reason.

Scandinavian Countries

Although Scandinavian countries are pretty cold, they have a lot to offer to those looking for something a little different and adventurous. Yes, there are the ‘usual’ winter activities, but there is also so much more to do. Take a cruise around the different Scandinavian countries, visit the Ice Hotel, catch the Northern Lights display (most likely time of year to capture this is between the months of May and October) and just remember there is no guarantee that you’ll see them, but it’s without doubt worth a try.

For those who are less sporting, there are some magnificent sightseeing places to visit, along with fabulous architecture and a very different culture. It’s all a great experience and something for everyone. One of the best places to see the Northern Lights is Norway, so book a holiday to Norway and experience one of the best sights that you’ll see in your lifetime.


Greece is still a very attractive holiday destination for families and couples, despite the recent troubles that Greece has faced in terms of the economy and protests (in Athens). However, did you know there are over 1,000 Greek Islands? There are so many architectural sights to visit and see and you’ll never get bored of the Feta Cheese or Oozo. The Greek Islands make for great family holidays and most of the year the weather is very hot and dry, giving sun seekers and sightseers a great get away destination.

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Jayne, the author of this article has worked in the Travel industry for many years and specialises in family and couple travel.