Graduate Jobseeker Tips – Getting That Crucial ‘Foot In The Door’

Graduate Jobseeker Tips – Getting That Crucial ‘Foot In The Door’

It’s natural to assume that the moment you make the decision to enter the job market in any given area with your shiny-new qualifications in-hand, you’re pretty much a shoe-in for any role you gun for. Sadly however the reality isn’t quite so ideal as while all the qualifications in the world will undoubtedly help you find work, they are certainly not the be all and end all. Far from it in fact as when you consider how many people are studying the exact same thing as you at every learning centre across the UK, you suddenly realise how many job-seekers there probably are with the very same qualifications as you.

Now, it may all sound a little doomy and gloomy on the surface…the last thing you want to be thinking about right now is being drowned out by the competition. According to the experts at Anglo Technical Recruitment, the good news is that while there may in fact be a rather large pool of applicants out there with pretty identical qualifications, this also means that those able to stand out on their own merit will outshine the overwhelming majority of those who rely only on their qualifications.

Think of it more as an important challenge, rather than a setback.

So, in terms of making it happen, what can you do to make your own application and case stand out?

1 – Think Beyond Qualifications

Well, first and foremost one of the very best tips of all is that of thinking beyond qualifications. Or to put it another way, how would you sell yourself for the job you’re applying for if you didn’t in fact have those qualifications on paper? Getting yourself into this mind-set is hugely important as it gives you the opportunity to examine what it is about yourself and your experience that makes you the right person for the job. The recruiters will know you have the prerequisite qualifications, so think what it is aside from these that make you the ideal choice for the job.

2 – Experience is Everything

If an employer has the choice of an incredibly-qualified candidate with zero industry experience and second candidate with years of experience and no hard qualifications, it’s about 99% likely they’ll go with the latter. In the overwhelming majority of instances, employers tend to go for new recruits that have not only proved their mettle in practice, but have picked up at least the basic skills and talents they’ll be needing once they get started. Experience really can be everything and while it’s often difficult to balance a huge amount of practical experience with full-time studying, you need to make sure that literally any experience you have is put right there into the spotlight.

3 – Check Your Online Reputation

It’s a bit of a sticking point to say the least and one that has the world torn in terms of morals, but there’s really no getting away from the fact that employers these days are more likely than ever before to check out your online presence and social media profiles before hiring you. This is more often than not the case when it comes to higher-level jobs, where it’s not unheard of for a prospective employer to ask to join your social media circles in order to check you out a little deeper. Needless to say, there’s nothing that says you have to grant them access by law, but chances are they’ll still be able to find out a thing or two about you with a couple of online searches.

4 – Get Your Name Known

Instead of just going through the motions with the usual application channels, give thought to going above and beyond the norm to get your name and your face known. If you’re applying online, think up a few intelligent questions and give them a call. Or better yet, go pay them a visit armed with the same intelligent questions. It’s all about standing out which can be difficult to do with a digital application alone – there’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself a little harder in person.

5 – What About Now?

Last but not least, one of the biggest mistakes a graduate jobseeker can make is listing their educational history which ended in May, applying for a job in November and having a huge blank space which suggests you’re either unemployable or just sitting around and doing nothing with your time. It’s crucially important to think not only about giving the right impression about your past, but also this very second – right now.

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