Get The Best Of Dynamics 365 CRM With Inogic Productivity Suite Now!

Get The Best Of Dynamics 365 CRM With Inogic Productivity Suite Now!

Finally, at the end of 2020, it’s here. When we started an unexpected lockdown, we were all able to pause, challenge, consider and think about our strategies, goals and what is next? While this new reality had obstacles and difficulties, companies all over the world displayed the spirit of adjustment and were stronger, more experienced, and in many respects profitable.

Just as the championship spirit showed through our Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Apps culture, we are working to improve and expand our Inogic Product Suite. Thus Microsoft Dynamics CRM Company wants to share a roadmap of what you can do with Inogic’s preferred suite of productivity software until 2020 and we see the dawn of 2021.

Get Trouble Free Add-ons – Apps in Microsoft AppSource

  • Attach2Dynamics: Were you ever wondering if a complete solution could enable the integration of several storages, such as SharePoint, Dropbox or Azure Blob Storage for attachment management? Imagine that no storage room is running, that document management can be challenging, or that one integration is involved! All of these items can be accomplished by Attach2Dynamics by enabling you to store and control your documents or supplements with Dynamics 365 CRM in the cloud of your choosing.
  • SharePoint Security Sync: Syncing the security rights of Dynamics 365 CRM with SharePoint. You will guarantee secure and reliable access to SharePoint’s confidential information. This has similar Attach2Dynamics characteristics and enables the control of attachments in SharePoint from Dynamics 365 CRM.

Envisage to Optimize – apps in the Microsoft AppSource

  • Kanban Board: Tell the old grid view farewell and give a hello to the new Kanban view. You can display Dynamics 365 CRM data with Kanban Board by classifying enterprise records according to their status, priority or business process flow phases. The monitoring of ongoing projects and activities is proven and effective.
  • Map My Relationships: All is made simpler by visualization. Even when difficult connections between organizations are involved. You can see the relationships between individuals or related records in a map view with Map My Relationship. This gives you a summary of all the organizations involved. This knowledge is completely instantaneous.

Precise and Informal Billing Managing- Apps in Microsoft AppSource

  • Billing Manager Recurring: Simplify the settlement process via the Billing Manager Recurrent. Creating invoices, issuing payment notifications, overdue payment costs, all with a few buttons at a press. Human inaccuracies and slow seeds for recurrent users are no longer an obstacle.
  • Subscription Management: Our Subscription Management app is capable of developing flexible billing plans, notifications of payment and penalty estimates for software publishers and value-added retailers (VARs). Creating bills with guaranteed precision and accurate estimates for the entire Accounting Department or a single touch.
  • Auto Tax Calculator: Mechanize your expense figuring’s with Auto Tax Calculator you can leave manual counts via computerizing your estimations to the mind of the product. This expands exactness, saves time for the whole group, and improves profitability!

Dynamics CRM Consultants Needs For your company

  • Less Total Charge of Ownership: Leverages your present Microsoft processing stage venture. Adaptable and extensible to meet special and changing future necessities. Simple for business clients to work and keep up (without dependence on inside IT or outside temporary workers and experts.
  • Fast Implementation Time constantly to Value: High-level arranging rule is 2-3 slipped by months for regular venture length; incorporates necessities definition, plan or design, preparing and client acknowledgment test before the organization. Degree, customer partner accessibility and sending technique drive real task term.
  • Trendsetting innovation: Available online interface for non-center authorized clients. Windows enhanced customer/worker application for center clients gives the rich customer interface influence clients like. Open APIs web administrations to coordinate with your different applications and import/trade information from the framework.


Inogic Dynamics 365 CRM applications presently gladly display the identification of Preferred Solution on Microsoft AppSource! This is critical on account of the stuff to be affirmed by Microsoft. For an application to get a preferred solution identification, it needs to go through an all-around characterized and examining quality control test. A board of Microsoft specialists utilize their refined quality cycle to approve each application dependent on their quality, execution and level of consumer loyalty.

Inogic is a leading global customer base Microsoft ISV Silver Partner in 50+ countries for Dynamics 365 CRM. Inogic was founded in 2007 and has more than 75+ technology-friendly members with exclusive emphasis on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, which is the result of the founding of a CRM community focused on the same approach. Offshore development platforms like Power Platform PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Portals, Dynamics 365 deliver productivity apps and help companies enhance their business processes and achieve high ROIs.

Inogic claims that thousands of blogs are very popular in the Dynamics culture, which is proven to spread its knowledge and expertise. Dynamics 365 Inogic applications are listed as preferred Microsoft solutions on Microsoft AppSource and simplified to boost sales and improve the company’s services.

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