How To Get Rid Of Mice

How To Get Rid Of Mice

Coming home to a house filled with mice is no joke. It seems that one mouse in the house can quickly turn into 10 mice in the house in not time flat. If you see a mouse in your house you need to act as fast as you can. Mice reproduce relatively quickly and your home is a great place for baby mice to live… and trust me you do not want that. We are here with the tips and advice that you need to make sure that you home is mouse free.

Set a Trap

The first order of business after seeing a mouse run across your living room is getting a trap set. There are a few different kinds of traps that are available for mice. If you are wanting to keep the mouse alive and relocate it there are live mouse traps. If you feel less impressed to spare the mouse it’s life, you can buy the old fashioned mouse trap that will work great. Depending on which type of trap you choose, you are going to want to be sure that you set it correctly. Peanut butter and cheese seem to be the classical favorite options to draw mice in, but I am sure there are other options as well.

If you are using a traditional mouse trap, be sure that you tuck it away out of reach of small children and your pets. These mouse traps can break littles ones fingers if they happen to have them go off on their little hands. You will want to be sure there are out of sight and reaching distance, but somewhere that the mouse can fit nicely.

Find the Source

If you start to notice more than one mouse, you should start looking for the source of entrance. Mice have to be getting into your home somehow, and you need to find the source sooner than later. Mice only need a very small entrance and can make due of really anything. You should walk the perimeter of your home and be sure that there are no small cracks near your foundation or holes in your siding where a mouse may enter. If you have a crawl space under your home you will want to go down in the space and check for any small cracks there as well. If you have vents leading into the crawl space you should be sure that mice are not able to enter them.

Call a Pest Control Expert

As mentioned, rodent infestations can get out of hand relatively quickly. If you have a mouse living inside of your home you need to act on it fast. If the mice have taken over, you need to call a pest control company. Pointe Pest Control is a great example of a rodent control company that will come into your home, find the source of entrance, and make a plan as to how they are going to get the mice out of your home for good.

Don’t mess around with mice as they are dirty and dangerous for your family to be living amongst. Mice carry a lot of diseases that are not good for your family to be around. If you think mice have taken over and are rapidly increasing in number, you need to contact a pest control ASAP.