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Criminal Defense lawyers perhaps have one of the toughest jobs anyone can ever have. Defending someone who was been deemed guilty by a lot of people is on big dilemma for these attorneys. But how do these people handle such pressure? Hopefully these top 10 criminal defense attorney quotes will enlighten everyone’s views on these people.

Top 10 criminal defense attorney quotes

*Criminal defense Attorney Jennifer L. McCann, famous for defending a man in New York who was accused of kidnapping and killing and 8 year old girl who got lot lost said that she’s not really okay with people being murdered or people who committed a criminal offense but she’s okay with defending of the constitutional rights of every individual.
She even added that if a man is entirely guilty, that man should be legally trialed for it.
*Oklahoma lawyer who had a career of very controversial cases Stephen Jones also believed that it was a duty of a lawyer to defend cases that are very unpopular.
*Richard Hustard Miller also quoted that a defendant is always innocent until proven guilty and they must always zealous advocacy until the time they are proven to have committed the crime. He mentioned that it is not his job to prove whether someone is guilty or not, it has to be determined by the representative of the people who are the jury.
*Defense attorney Juanita Brooks who almost always walks away when asked how she can defend someone who is guilty said that she does not make the judgment about whether a person is guilty or not guilty of the case he/she is accused of. She said that her role is to keep honestly within the system and that it is up to the judge or jury to come up with that decision.
*Federal Defenders of San Diego head Mario Conte said that if someone you know was accused of something; you wouldn’t ask that attorney how they are able to defend them. He also said that he loves doing what he does.
*Timothy S. Coyne said that the US Constitution grants everyone with certain rights, even those who were accused of a criminal offense. Among these rights is the right not to incriminate self, right to be represented by an attorney and the right to be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. He also added that a defense attorney must ask for leniency and to ask for a decision that would be fair to the public, the state and to the defendant as well.
*Attorney Richard Miller said that the zealous advocacy for the defendant cannot be fulfilled when an attorney is not at peace with the defendant’s status. A defense attorney does not really have to trouble himself of asking whether someone is guilty or not.
*Cynthia Roseberry also said that every criminal defense lawyer is forced to handle people who don’t have a sense of what is appropriate and what is not, people who would even lie to get a grasp of what they want and won’t care who will get hurt in the process of just getting what they want. She also added that it is their sworn duty to protect defendants from those kinds of people.
*Alan Dershowitz also quoted that at times a defendant hides the truth because somehow he is guilty. He also said that it is the job of the defense attorney to make sure the jury does not see a glimpse of that truth.
*Jim Garrison said that he gets more satisfaction in defending clients to obtain acquittal than being the one aiming for a conviction. He even said that somehow his sympathies go to the individual who is being trialed for.
Regardless of their reasons, these criminal defense lawyers somehow have the gut for doing what they do. As evidence by these top 10 criminal defense attorney quotes, it sure is a tough job to defend someone who may or may not be guilty; but somebody’s gotta do the job.
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