Frequently Asked Questions About CBD For Epilepsy

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD For Epilepsy

For many years, there have been studies regarding the usage of cannabis to treat epilepsy and other neurological disorders. Also, since many people are interested in this topic, many debates have already happened, and many more are yet to come. However, we can conclude by answering some of the most asked questions about these conditions. People have been confused about the role of CBD for canine epilepsy. 

Dravet syndrome, which is epilepsy symptoms in people above two years of age, is another hotly debated topic. People are also confused about CBD for child epilepsy. In this article, we will address every question that these confusions give rise to. So, let’s begin with the most common ones and move on to the specific ones. 

The frequently asked questions

What exactly is Medical Cannabis?

The most common name by which medical cannabis is known as is marijuana. It refers to the leaves and the female part of a cannabis plant. There are some chemicals in this plant that can be used for medical purposes. The substance is called cannabinoids in the cannabis plant that are going to be very useful for cells in our body. Since it’s a proven fact, cannabis can be used as a medical treatment for many syndromes. One of them is epilepsy. 

What Studies Show the Effect of CBD on Epilepsy?

The most hotly debated topic nowadays in the medical field is the proof of CBD being effective for epilepsy. Since these studies have been going on for several years, there is no evidence provided by the FDA in 2018. 

There is a CBD extract called epidiolex that is produced from the cannabis plant. It is then purified and used in consistent dozes. Research has been done regarding the effect of CBD on certain medical disorders. There were many clinical trials. Many people got free from epilepsy, with a success rate of more than 75%. However, the FDA also stated that there were some side effects, including diarrhea, sleepiness, fatigue, chest pain, change in liver function, decreased appetite, insomnia, poor quality sleep, and other infections. These side effects can take place in different intensity depending on the person. 

Are clinical trials on CBD still going on?

In the current situation, clinical trials are going on for even better insight into this matter. These are recurring and universal processes that might not end even if a 100% success rate is a team. Epidiolex is very effective, and it can be used for treating other medical disorders as well. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see how many lives it has to save. 

How does an average person struggle with the side effects of cannabis!

There are several side effects of cannabis on an average person. If you smoke marijuana, it will give you adverse effects on the lungs and your respiratory system. However, proper doses of marijuana are maintained in the treatment of epilepsy; you’re almost safe from most of the side effects. It’s because medically competent people will only analyze your situation and then describe the appropriate amount.

Remember, keep in mind the safety data from previous experiences. While some side effects are common, they are not dangerous at all. You can easily overcome them and move on with a sober life.

What are the laws regarding the consumption of medical marijuana?

In 2018,  FDA approved the best CBD for epilepsy; some regulations were there to standardize the whole process of treatment. In the US, almost half of the states allow cannabis consumption for medical reasons. The providers of cannabis do not require extra licensure or certificate. Since it’s the only plant-based treatment that was derived for the treatment of epilepsy through FDA approval, it is now legal in most of the countries as well. 

Should a patient of epilepsy if any other medication does not work?

If you depend on conventional treatments for the treatment of epilepsy, consider the statistics first. Only 30% of the people have been treated with those conventional techniques while there have been more than a 75% success rate through marijuana. 

However, considering your specific disorder, you should recommend your physician to make the best decision after analyzing every factor. Never choose any treatment option straight away without considering your exact situation. Explore all the options for the treatment of epilepsy. Also, consider your state law. 

Should you worry about drug interaction?

During many studies of CBD for epilepsy, there were some cases of drug-to-drug interaction. Research has been continued to examine such interactions in the future as well. The studies were done to determine a few things. First was the increase in the level of liver enzymes by up to three times. These enzymes are also called valproic acid that did not increase when CBD was used. Here, the drug-to-drug interaction of valproic acid. 

When a substance called clobazam breaks down, it seems to be interacting with CBD in many people. People who use both these treatment options, one of the consequences can be tiredness. 

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