Figuring Out The Position Of The Baby In The Uterus

Obviously the baby is going to undertake a lot of turning and twisting in the womb. To feel the experience of your little one would be a lot magical and it is exciting to figure out what position they are at. If you are simply curious or are approaching the due date, there are home methods along with medical ways in order to figure out the position of the baby in the uterus. Head down baby positions is something which all of us would have heard and wondering what it is.

Exploring the stomach and noting on how things stand

A movement journal is to be kept. It is indeed fun to explore the various types of positions during the course of pregnancy. A journal or dairy should be kept regarding this and you would need to mention the date and at what stage of pregnancy you find yourself at and what position is the baby at before you are presented with a chance.

Figuring Out The Position Of The Baby In The Uterus

The belly is to be felt so as to locate the hard lumps

This is not rocket science as the head down baby or up can be found out by merely feeling the stomach. Do press gently and try to relax in the best possible manner. Exhale while you are pressing down. Find out whether the lump on the right or the left side of the belly. If the whole baby moves it is stated that they are in a head down position.

Visualize when you are about to feel the kicks

Babies are known to kick and this is one of the best ways to visualize on how oriented they are going to be in the uterus. If the baby is kicking above the belly button, then the baby is in a head down position. If they are kicking below your belly button, then the head of the baby is up. If the kick is felt around the mid of the stomach, the baby is known to be in a posterior position and at this point the stomach is going to be all the more flattened.

Seek the opinion of your health care provider

You can ask the health care provider on the position of the baby by feeling it. The heath care professionals can figure out which is the exact position of the baby by touching the abdomen. The next time they are about to does it asks them to guide you on how they go about it. They would give you tips and advice on how do you feel at home.

Go on to observe the heart rate of the baby

Though it is not going to pinpoint on what is the position of the baby but it can guide you at which position the baby is lying. If you have any instrument you can use it in listening to the sound of the baby. In this manner the heartbeat of the baby could be heard in the last few months of pregnancy.

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