Features Of Internet Usage

Features Of Internet Usage

TV, Internet, Digital Voice All in a Bundle

Verizon FiOS provides a bundle of services making it remain in the forefront of service providers for entertainment in different modes. 100% fiber optic network as provided by Verizon makes it reach all homes in United States and makes life easier. Internet, TV, Digital Voice all provides entertainment through downloads, uploads of movies, pictures, serials, all are provided with speed. This bundle of service from one service provider makes the cost of entertainment very less.

 Size of Bundles

 Double play and Triple lay are bundles available with Verizon FiOS as provided by the website named americanfuture. If the user requires only two services say, Internet and TV, or TV and Digital Voice, or Internet and Digital Voice, then they can avail the service at a cheaper rate than the cost of individual services. Triple play bundle provides all three services at a very low rate than if availed separately for each service. Mobile phones will not be a requirement in this case for such users. The latter bundle offers savings than the former bundle.

Features Of Internet Usage

 Verizon vs Competitors

 Cable subscribers have the choice for Verizon apparently for the cost involved in availing separate services for TV / Internet / Digital Voice. FTTP or fiber-to-premises, as it is favorably called is the service used by FiOS in reaching all homes. Competitors use FTTN service which is called fiber-to-node that that reaches users home through another network making it a little slow. Data Cap is also not there with Verizon FiOS. Users can utilize more than the bandwidth without disruption to service. Switching from one service provider to another is also easy with FiOS.

 Fiber Optic

 Copper phone lines for broadband have been ignored for fiber optic cables for now. Lasers send light through these cables incredibly fast. Modem or Router in users home receives these lights as bits and make the Internet work faster. 500MB per second is downloaded for users using Internet with Verizon FiOS. Music and Movies can be heard, seen and enjoyed without any disruption.

Data Transmission

Conventional lines that used copper wires for data transmission had higher rates of error based on the status of lines and the hardware used. There are multiple fibers in each line with fiber optic cables and the rate of error is almost non-existent. Electromagnetic signals do not interfere with the fiber optic lines as otherwise with the copper lines. The broadband as offered by americanfuture is also secure without any leakage as could be expected in a copper line.

Customer Service

When you have a bad connection or poor service the number of times you may reach the customer service will be very high. But with fiber optic cables you get quick help with the few calls you make to customer service as they would be readily available. There will be cash save and you do not find this with other network services. You can find alternative use for your cash instead of locking it up for your network.

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