Fashionable Trends To Wear In 2013 To Suit Your Shape

Everyone of us has a unique body shape so finding the right clothes can often be difficult. Pear, Apple, Rectangle and Hourglass are the main women body shapes. We all have something we love about our bodies, and we all have flaws which we can’t stand. Do you have gorgeous pins that you like to flaunt? Or are your best assets your dainty shoulders? Depending on what the best part of your body is tips have been put together to help you decide which clothing items will suit you best. Read on to learn more.

Love Your Legs?

If you have toned legs then your best bet is to try out a shorts suit. A two piece shorts suit is a fresh way to flaunt those luscious pins. There are a number of tailor-made suits which will suit your personal preference. The right shorts suit will be suitable for work yet still look great on a night out. If you have long sexy legs then flaunt them the right way!

Fashionable Trends To Wear In 2013 To Suit Your Shape

Arms Your Best Asset?

Try wearing sleeveless sports inspired dresses pair them with wedges for an added inch of height. The sporty aesthetic is slowly transforming into casual chic. Sporty clothes are fast becoming fashionable in 2013 and are certainly worth a try. You may assume that sporty wear means slouchy outdated clothes. However, there are now sports clothes that are super sexy.

Great Abs?

Peekaboo cutout clothing is certainly ideal for you if you have stunningly toned abs and want to flaunt them. Sheer fabrics should be used if you wish to give the illusion of cutouts. Not only is this sexy but it is still quite modest. You have been hard working out so you deserve to show your finely toned self to the worldYou are sure to turn heads!

Have You Got A Lovely Behind?

If your booty is one of your most loved parts of your body that why not show it off by wearing some colourful floral pants. Floral print pants are a great way to show off that gorgeous behind. You must ensure that the rest of your outfit is simple to accentuate that tooshie!

We should all learn to love our shape and accentuate our best features. Given that you have one part of your body that you like best, these tips should be of help. For more advice you should seek either professional retail help or even look online. Now go and get em!

Bio: Alicia is a student and is proficient at offering advice on new and exciting trends. Accessories are the main part of any out and Alicia recommends finding Womens Belts which are suitable to style your outfit with ease.

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