Fascinating and Marvelous Theatre By Heidi Duckler and Group

Fascinating and Marvelous Theatre By Heidi Duckler and Group

One can get an ample of enjoyment and refreshment with watching television. Theatre since decades has its own charm and originality. There is nothing plastic with theatre. This is the Heidi Ducker and group that existed since 1985 and has been performing their best with the dance theatre. Popularity and their hard work, dedication has brought them to open an online service. One just needs to click here for all kind of details of the troop and know about their performances. She has choreographed more than 100 original dance shows that are unique in itself. Their performances are famous across Australia, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Montreal and many other well known cities. They have been performing on signature steps that are very innovative and exceptional. Ducker had been recognized because of their American master piece award from the national endowment for the arts of tour. Their performances have taken them to the height which is all because of their hard work and dedication. Creating an amazing effect with their dance steps has made them known worldwide.

Fascinating and Marvelous Theatre By Heidi Duckler and Group

Achievements and Awards

With their performances they have been building communities. As well as making the theatre art famous creating contemporary art experiences in nontraditional places. Many people interested in theatre work are getting learning opportunities in diverse neighborhood. This has redefined the relationship between the audience and art through the cultivation of innovative partnerships. Since 2013 their performance has been creating a tremendous change into the theatre. They have been awarded with various honors like Los Angeles women’s theatre festival emerald award, distinguished alumnus awards in 2012 from the University of Oregon School of music and dance. Apart from that the certification from commendation awarded by councilwomen Jan Perry on behalf of city of Los Angeles state of California has been one of their prides. Other than these there are several awards and honors being presented to them for their excellent performances. People interested in theatre can now click here on their website to know about these awards and honors.


On the online site there is mentioned about various performances. These are being into practice since 1980s when they started with the collage dance theatre. This was remarkably appreciated with the performances in and around an outdoor reflecting pool at the Loyola Marymount University. Still this is into practice because of its demand in public. In 1991 the western themed work was being choreographed by Heidi Duckler which was performed by the collage dance company. At cattle calls in 1991, the show was premiered at the powerhouse, Santa Monica. Most memorable was at the oh cosmonaut where she was born, this was commissioned by the link vostok international east- west exchange to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl. It is believed to be inspired by the life of Yaroslavl resident valentine Tereshkova, who was the first woman cosmonaut traveled in the space in 1963. It was also the part of 9th international festival on the Volga, Yaroslavl and kotroma, Russia.

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