Factors That Affect The Value Of A Commercial Real Estate Asset

Factors That Affect The Value Of A Commercial Real Estate Asset

The valuation of a commercial real estate asset depends upon a number of factors that are essential to that property. From the prospective of a potential investor, most experts who specialize in this field consider the income approach to be a convenient method of evaluating the worth of revenue-generating real estate property. Even the notion the many investors hold that the location of the property determines is price has its basis in the concept that income such real estate asset can potentially generate dictates its value.

 The Welfont Group is one of the most prominent and reliable names in the commercial real estate market in Tampa, Florida that deal with in value add properties along in addition to distressed and under-valued real estate assets. The experts at this commercial brokerage corporate enterprise go to any lengths when comes to assisting their clientele in looking for, analyzing, financing, buying, managing and disposing of their commercial real estate property.  Prospective investors who propose to hire the services of the company’s experts will come to know by reading the positive Welfont Reviews from previous clients about the professionalism of proficient staff and specialists along with the quality of the service they provide.

Investment Strategy 

The competent professionals of this prominent real estate company explain to their potential clients that the initial step in any commercial real asset acquisition is to assess their needs and formulate a strategy that will assist them in achieving their objectives.  This is the reason why these experts make it a point to give all their clients a patient hearing. While devising such a plan it imperative to consider numerous essential factors like risk potential, yield goals, knowledge of market conditions and liquidity preference.


After preparing an effective strategy, these experts say that it is necessary to conduct a research on potential parties and individual sellers that meet the criteria that their clients set as per their investment strategy. While carrying out such a research, the real estate specialists of this company do relay on sophisticated national databases they develop over time with previous clients but insist they go beyond this search, if it is necessary in the interests of their clients.


These experts also clarify that they create an investor/purchaser profile of all their clients, which they market accordingly in order to communicate with potential seller and brokers of prospective properties for sale that meet the requirements of their clients.


In this step, the real estate experts work in collaboration with their clients in selecting the appropriate investment candidates and negotiating acceptable terms and conditions before finalizing any agreement.

Due Diligence

On behalf of their clients, the professionals of this commercial real estate company will form a due diligence team to gather information about the property’s valuation, present condition reports, location and surveys.

By browsing through the positive Welfont Reviews, potential investors will learn that the proficient professionals of this commercial real estate company leave no stone unturned when it comes ensuring their clients’ best interests in any commercial real estate deal.

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