Extreme Adventures and Personality Traits Required For It- David Berkowitz Chicago Might Help

Extreme Adventures and Personality Traits Required For It- David Berkowitz Chicago Might Help

The true color of your nature and personality gets reflected only when the extreme conditions come in to your life, and if you look at those conditions environmentally, it will be clear to you that they do not stand up for scrutiny. Now there are two sides of every personality that has been rightly noted by the psychiatrists- the introversion and extraversion. Extraversion has always been noted down as a characteristic which tends to appear in all psychological models of personality. And as a matter of fact, it has got certain biological basis as well. The concept of these two states of mind, the introversion and the extraversion has been released of the confinement of academic psychology and is now used nowadays in everyday conversation.

Extreme Adventures and Personality Traits Required For It- David Berkowitz Chicago Might Help

Studying Characteristics and Its Changes Based on Introversion and Extraversion

According to David Berkowitz Chicago, the individuals, who specifically score high on the merits of extraversion, tend to seek simulation, while those who score low, actually have got the tendency to avoid it. Now speaking of the extraverts on generic grounds, they are the people who actually prefer socializing with the crowd, and there’s a term ‘party animal’ which is being easily equated with the nature of extraversion. Now there is another side of these extraverts as well. Those who have generally score higher in extraversion are people who seek not just social stimulation, but also have the tendency to bend themselves to other stimulating situations as well. While people normally tend to spend their leisure relaxing around, these extraverts are mostly tilted towards adventures in life.

Contrary to the popular belief, it doesn’t mean that introverts have to be necessarily shy or fearful about social situations, unless they also score highly on measures of social anxiety and neuroticism. So considering the character traits, it is normal if people assume these extraverts to push themselves in extreme weather conditions where all their stimulus rush can be driven and they can find some contentment in it. On the contrary, these are something which the introverts will never like or prefer to have and will find them unattractive as well. The point that is to be made is pretty simple, people who have the stimulation towards these extreme choose to test them in extreme conditions as a choice, while the introverts simply ignore them and that too without much worry.

According to David Berkowitz Chicago, some of the research works have indeed come up with results where constant association with activities which are highly risky, and anything that is out of the standard parameters of quality living, will make one extravert from within. However, finding out the risk factors and then keeping the safety measures will allow behavioral growth on completely separate grounds as well.

According to certain evidences that have been taken, most people who operate in extreme environments are never the big sensation-seekers, and that is where the essentialness of the extroverts lies in. Living life on one’s own term is what allows them grow as an individual chartering the risk factors in life.

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