Extending Legal and Financial Help To Animal Rights Organization by Anthony Coluzzi

Generally, it is seen nowadays that animals from different species have to face wrath at the hands of humans and this results in the extinction of certain species. But most of the people in today’s era are working towards the maintenance of animals rights and are working to save them from the abusers. The lawyer and an animal volunteer Anthony Coluzzi is working for the rights of the animals in the country by extending legal and financial help.

Providing Humane Treatment to Animals

It is the foremost duty to safeguard the creatures of Mother Nature from the abusers and put them behind the bars. Anthony Coluzzi who is supporting the animal rights says that every animal on this earth needs compassionate treatment and love so that they can live peacefully in their natural habitat.

He is of the view that it is a right of every animal on this earth to get a humane treatment and not to be abandoned in their old ages or because of some diseases. Being an animal lover he is also associated with one of the non-profit animal rights organization “The Paw House” which is looking after the abandoned, abused and neglected animals and is also indulged in rescuing them from various places. Here are some of the points put forth regarding the rights of animals:-

  • As an advocate of animal rights and being a lawyer himself, he is helping the organization by undertaking any kind of legal formalities and cases. The cases which mostly come forward are of malnutrition, abuse, inhuman treatments, abandoned due to old age and many other problems.
  • According to the state laws nowadays, there are many strict animal laws which are made by the court of law so as to save the pets as well as other animal species too from the danger put forth by the human beings.
  • Even in some countries, there is a ban put up on experiment on monkeys, cats and rats by the law and under the animal rights protection acts which was on a widespread and was leaving them dead after the experiment.
  • The animal abuse cases are also being seen in many countries where hunting sports or bullfighting is on the peak. So, the animal rights activists have come forward and taken a lead to get them banned.

Vital Role of Rescue Groups

The important role in the restoration of the animal rights is being played by many non-profit organizations and societies which are working day and night for them. Anthony Coluzzi is himself working on one of the projects and extends foster home to rescued animals and even financial help to some of the organizations. He believes that the organizations like ASPCA Animal Society, The Humane Society, The Paw House and many more are becoming the voice of these voiceless creatures.

So, it can be seen that the present era has undergone a drastic change and one needs to be compassionate towards animals.

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