Explore Wart Removal Treatment

Explore Wart Removal Treatment

Warts are stubborn, unsightly, embarrassing, unpleasant and unfortunately all too common.  Warts often appear on hands, fingers; feet are caused by a virus named human Papilloma virus or HPV. Warts in children may disappear with home treatment or by itself after some time or maybe it would disappear after years. Warts are caused mostly in moister places, so it is a rule thumb to keep the infected part away from any moisture, i.e. as dry as possible.

Explore Wart Removal Treatment

Warts may appear cosmetically ugly, and may be painful at times. Most warts disappear with home treatment and don’t require medical attention, but prompt removal by an expert may prevent them from spreading or reoccurring. There are several wart removal techniques that can be implemented to get rid of it. Wart removal can be put into operation anywhere; it can be one corner of your home or in clinics where you may have your doctor or dermatologist to do it. For the removals, the dermatologist will inject a local anesthetic as during the process of taking off the warts, patients may feel hurt or may feel serious pain. However, for the children, they did not need to go under such painful process of wart removal for the reason that it may disappear by itself, as mentioned earlier. Although, when the time comes that their warts are progressively increasing or starting to grow, they should be operated.

There are many commercial treatments available to treat warts, ranging from home Cryotherapy kits to salicylic acid. Following are some usual procedures that you may execute for removal of warts:

  • Cut or shave the warts off with the help of scissors or any clean sharp things that are mainly used for cutting purpose.
  • Use the duct tape for the removal of warts. Surprised how a duct tape? Yes duct tape can help you in removal, all you need to do is put a small piece of it to the infected part and do it again and again until the warts are gone forever.
  • Some over-the-counter (OTC) medicines contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is keratolytic, so it will soften the proteins of the warts making it smaller for the time being. This treatment is painful. It may cause allergies and irritations to our skin. The Salicylic Acid is also helpful in wart removal, but it takes lot of time before they are perfectly removed. However, over-the-counter medicines that do not contain salicylic acids may not be hurtful when applied to children. It may just take a couple of weeks before their warts would be gone.
  • Furthermore, Cauterization and laser surgery may also be an option. Initially, a local anesthetic is usually injected, for the patients so that do not feel the pain. This operation is often expensive. Additional to that, there are possibilities of leaving scars after the operation.

Additional to that, it may leave scars after the performance.

  • Drying of warts and regularly applying liquid nitrogen to the infected parts are the duties when Cryotherapy is being performed. This operation brings a discomfort feeling and may still continue several days after the operation has been made.

Patients are free to do any of these methods, whatever they prefer. Wart removal is a must and there are several methods on how to do it, whether you prefer for a conventional method or a modern method.

Just because the home treatments are safer and more effective, people tend not to try the modern treatments. But before opting for home treatment, be aware that the warts may reoccur anytime, even if you had before, so always try to choose a treatment which avoids warts.

Author Bio: Daniel, the author of this post is a dermatologist. Apart from his profession, he likes to provide tips and techniques of wart removal through his posts.

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