Entertaining Kids With Balloons Modeling: Tricks Of The Trade

Entertaining Kids With Balloons Modeling: Tricks Of The Trade
Children love to be entertained. Well who doesn’t? But I am of the opinion that they value and appreciate it more than adults and entertaining them is so much more of a rewarding experience than the adults. For they don’t hold back their appreciation for you and reward you with the heartiest and the most genuine of laughs, similarly they won’t hold back their disappointment when the entertainment is not up to their satisfaction and will pull up long faces unlike their adult counterparts. They will give you the most honest feedback.
Entertaining Kids With Balloons Modeling: Tricks Of The Trade
Balloon modeling is one very good way of entertaining kids, and adults too. Balloon modeling is the art of twisting and modeling balloons to make different shapes, figures and objects. The people who twist and model balloons are called balloon artists or balloon modelers or balloon entertainers. They can be seen performing in birthday parties, children’s events, restaurants, fairs and public and private events and functions. Though it may sound easy, but balloon modeling is no easy job and is quite a mean feat. It’s a complicated art form in its own rite. You will be astounded to see the different figures, objects, animals and shapes that emerge from some flimsy balloons. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by the imagination and skill and prowess of the balloon modeler or twister. There are many professional Children’s entertainers in Melbourne, who are extremely proficient balloon entertainers.

Some Most Common Balloon Design Types Are:

Single balloon modeling: As the name suggests in this modeling style only one balloon per model is used
Multiple balloon modeling: Similarly in this modeling style multiple balloons are used per model.

Equipments For Balloon Modeling

There are two essential equipments for balloon twisting:
Balloons: Quite an obvious one, right. The first thing you need is an assortment of balloons of different colors. But the balloons used in balloon modeling are quite different than the balloons in general; they are more porous and are of different shape and size. They are in general identified by a number. The common one is called ‘260’. Here 2 stand for 2 inches which is the diameter and 60 stands for 60 inches which is the length. Hence a ‘260’ balloon will be 2 x 60 inches when fully blown up. There are other options available, for instance ‘160’, but a 260 is the most common one.
Inflation device: Traditionally balloon modelers used to inflate the balloons in the old fashioned way that is by blowing into them with their mouth but now many options are available like air pumps quite like bicycle pumps and electric air compressors. It is highly prescribed that an inflation device be used for its very dangerous and quite difficult to mouth inflate balloons, especially the 160’s for they are very narrow.

Tips On Balloon Modeling

  • As mentioned earlier you need special balloons for balloon twisting, of them choose the high quality ones for they will be easy to inflate and will retain the air for longer periods of time and won’t be easily deflated.
  • Always use inflating device like hand pumps or electric air compressors rather than using your mouth to inflate.
  • Start twisting at the nozzle end and work towards the tail end. This will help you to manipulate the balloon in a better way by pushing air towards the unfilled ends
  • Always leave a little space at the tail end this will uniformly relieve the pressure resulting from continuous twisting.

There are many professional balloon twisters who work as Kid’s entertainers in Melbourne. You can hire them for your next kid’s party.

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