Emigrating To Australia: Things You Should Know

Once upon a time it was just a matter of getting on a ship and preparing for an adventure. Now things are a bit less romantic and a bit more complicated, although there’s still a lot of adventure involved. The Australian economy is booming and there’s always a need for more professional and highly skilled workers. The government offers consulting services which you should use before making any plans regarding employment.

Here’s what you should know before you embark on a new and exciting Australian chapter.

Employer-sponsored workers

This is by far the easiest way to immigrate to Australia. And it’s the easiest way to get a permanent residency. The employer should inform the government that there are no Australian workers available for that particular job and that you meet the qualifications. After that, you’re obligated to work for that employer for two years. The next step is applying for residency. With an employer sponsored visa, there shouldn’t be any problems, provided that you didn’t break the law during does two years. For a highly skilled job, there is also a chance for getting a permanent visa right away, although that process is more complicated.

Business Skills Visa

This program is available for those over 18 and under 45 years of age and it’s meant for those who want to establish a business in Australia. You need to establish that you own a business or that you’re a senior executive of one. Residency can be established after the business you have created has been operational for 4 years. It’s also imperative that you hire Australian citizens. Again, there is a quicker way if the government (federal or local) declares your business to be of special interest to Australia.

Professional and skilled Migrants

It’s also known as the General Skilled Migration program, for qualified workers who don’t have a job waiting. There is an age limit from 18 to 50. It’s required that you speak English and that your profession is on the list of those wanted in Australia. There are professional immigration services for individuals available to assist you at any time. Permanent residency is also available after two years, although your skill level and health would be assessed by an appropriate Australian authority. Naturally, all of this is available only to those with no criminal record.

Doctors and Medical Professionals

There is a shortage of doctors and nurses in Australia, which provides an opportunity for professionals in this area. Professional skills assessment is also required, and it’s organized by the region in which you plan to practice medicine. Application to a proper immigration authority is all you need (meaning that you only have to take the test once – the medical board will not have to certify you again). The process may be different for certain specialist – colleges are the ones who administer these tests. Permanent residency is available after 3 months for some specialists, but it can take longer for others.

Family Visa

If you have a partner or a member of your immediate family in Australia, you’re eligible for several different types of family visas. It’s easiest if you have children or parents in Australia and there are special circumstances which the government takes into consideration (the so -called “aged parent” visa). This also doesn’t apply for migrants who have a criminal record and residents are obligated to provide for the immigrant for at least two years.

Australia is a vibrant country, full of possibilities. Study the criteria needed for a visa and if you think you’re eligible – apply and start a new life in the land down under.