Elements Of A Good Preschool Curriculum

Elements Of A Good Preschool Curriculum

A good preschool curriculum can help impart quality education to children and prepare them for their approaching school years. A fruitful curriculum is one which focuses on the overall development of a child’s personality and nurtures his or her present for a brighter future.

Early childhood learning is influenced primarily by two things – smart good parenting and a good preschool curriculum. The first five years of a child’s life are extremely crucial as most of the brain development takes place at that time. Hence, it is highly important to expose a child to an environment that is conducive for his/her own overall growth and development.

The preschool level education plays a vital role in establishing a foundation on which a child’s entire life is built and shaped upon. Some of the best preschools in India offer structured level programs that focus on children belonging to different age groups – such as toddlers, nursery, kindergarten, etc. Their curriculum is always designed keeping in mind the way it will encourage children to learn and grasp the fundamentals but in a fun-induced, nurturing classroom environment.

In India, preschool curriculum is designed by different parties such as an educational board, independent educators, etc. and strives to act as a beneficial reference not only for the children but also the teachers and parents alike.

Elements Of A Good Preschool Curriculum

Let’s take a glance at the different elements of a good preschool curriculum in India.

1. A good preschool curriculum will balance all areas of a child’s development – physical, emotional, psychological, communicational, and social.

2. The courses should be a mix of varying subjects such as language, arts, math, music, dance, reading, writing, and crafts, to name a few. A child should be taught the basics of all these subjects to enable his/her critical thinking and useful applicability.

3. The program should encourage children to use the power of their imagination and allow their creativity to flow without any interruptions. This will aid towards the development of a child’s faculties. A child will learn to understand the relationship between cause and effect, and apply this in finding solutions to problems.

4. A good curriculum should also focus on honing a child’s motor skills and allow for enough breathing room for outdoor play. Not only will this develop a child’s physical strength, but also enable him/her to engage in group play and put the learned concepts into use by identifying them around in his/her surroundings.

Apart from these elements, equally important is a teacher’s role in properly executing the courses and paying individual attention to a child. While group activities are great to build social communication and bonding amongst children, individual training helps identify a child’s progress and concern areas.

The curriculum of preschool education in India therefore helps determine the way children learn new concepts. With the right kind of program methodology and execution plan, a good curriculum can go a long way in preparing children for the future.

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