EaseUS Data Recovery Tool For Flash Drive Recovery

Common reasons for file loss in USB flash drive

Some of the common reasons that cause data lost on the USB drive are,

  • Accidental format USB flash drive
  • Virus attack
  • Power surges & electro-static discharge
  • Not properly removing the USB flash drive from a computer
  • Accidental deletion of files from USB flash drive
  • The file system of USB flash drive is displayed as raw
  • Some unexpected format of the flash drive in windows

The above situation may occur for anyone those who uses a USB flash drive to store and carry very important data. If these situations may occur, then users are in need of some solutions for data recovery of the flash drive.

EaseUS Data Recovery Tool For Flash Drive Recovery

EaseUS data recovery

One of the best solutions for flash drive recovery is EaseUS data recovery software. This is recommended by most of the users for recovering lost data from a flash drive. This will help users to rescue their files lost files from a flash drive. This recovery software is powerful flash drive recovery software. This will help users to resolve all USB flash drive data loss problems.

This data recovery software will recover deleted files, or lost files which are lost due to software crash, formatted flash drive, damaged flash drive, virus attack, and other unknown reasons.

Steps to recover flash drive file using EaseUS

There are three main steps involves in recovering lost or deleted files from a flash drive using EaseUS data recovery software

Step 1- The first step is users have to install and launch EaseUS free data recovery software in their system. After that, users have to choose the type of the file of their lost data.

Step 2 – The second step is to select the flash drive. Once you have selected the flash drive, the software will quickly scan the drive and find all your lost files.

Step 3 – After the scan, the software will list all the recoverable files one by one. From that list, select the file you want to recover. Then click on the “Recover” button in the software to get back the files.

While doing this flash drive recovery, users have to save all the recovered files to any other place except the flash drive where data loss happens. Otherwise, there is a chance of overwriting of data to the same place.

By this way, all the data lost due to unexpected reasons can be restored easily. Users don’t find any troubles or complications while using this free USB flash drive recovery software. This recovery tool also supports memory card data recovery, CF card data recovery, external hard drive data recovery, memory stick data recovery etc.

This amazing data recovery tool is used to recover deleted files from USB flash drives including SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba, PNY, Sony and any kind of popular USB flash drive brands. Users can simply connect their USB flash drives to their computer system and can recover files by following simple steps with the software.