E-Cigarettes: The Beginners Guide

E-Cigarettes: The Beginners Guide

Most people know what electric cigarettes are, but maybe not how many variations there are to choose from. From basic models to e-cig mods, there is something for everyone. So we invited the experts from e-cig store, Grey Haze, to explain all and help us pick the right e-cigarette for the beginner.

A Grey Haze we are often asked “What is an electric cigarette? ” as well as “What is the best one for me to buy? ” The industry has moved on so rapidly, it is easy to feel left behind in all the technical jargon. So we have simplified it down for the beginner vaper.

If you are looking online, the best thing to do is to purchase a cheaper model and you will gain a better understanding of the features and what you may be looking for. Once you understand the functionality the rest will seem a little more straightforward. We stock starter kits to help out people that are looking to get their first e-cigarette.

The different types of e-cigarettes

You will discover three different categories of e-cigs. The first is a throw-away or disposable e-cig that resembles a traditional one. The next is a refillable e-cig, these are normally much larger which enable it to be refilled with e-liquid. And superior e-cigs that come with features such as variable voltage alongside changeable parts.

1. Throwaway and Disposable e-cigs

It is likely that you have observed people using this type of e-cig. They appear much like a standard cigarettes but with a glowing light on the end. The price can range between £9-£13. Problems with this type include how quickly they run out of charge and the quality of the vapour produced. However it is not a bad place to begin to get the feel before investing in something refillable.

2. Refillable Cigarettes

The most popular electronic e-cigarette is a refillable one. The product allows you to refill quickly with affordable e-liquid. Which can work out much cheaper than the disposable ones. They offer a longer power supply and the liquid can be purchased considerably cheaper than cartridges. There are also a wide variety of flavours you can choose to refill with.

3. Superior Digital Cigarettes

These products are usually superior products aimed at current users wanting to get optimum functionality from their gadgets. Users normally modify their devices by adjusting features manually to improve their smoking experience.  They also sometimes replace parts and change the device’s functionality such as the Sigelei mechanical mod. You can adjust the power settings of the e-cigarette which controls the production of vapour.  The products are not recommended for a first time user as generally it is recommended to start with beginner system.

Grey Haze stocks the whole range of vaping and e-cigarette products. See our selection of e-cigarette starter kits available here.

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