Downtown Denver Luxury

The real estate market in Denver is on the road to recovery, and is ahead of the rest of the nation in terms of pricing, foreclosures (or lack thereof), and sales. This has led to new projects throughout the city to develop lower income neighborhoods, and a huge growth in the number of apartment units being produced. These are all positive signs of the market, but there is one component that can help make the city of Denver stand out even more. That is, luxury residences downtown.
High end real estate was one of the first areas of the overall market to begin to recover. Luxury homes throughout the city are on the rise, and now new focus is being paid to lower downtown, better known as LoDo. These are not just apartments for rent; they are condos and townhomes for permanent residence.

What is the appeal?
These units are top of the line and cater to wealthy residents. While many are built for singles or small families, some units have up to four bedrooms. There are many positives for those who live in these luxury units.
Many of these have been built in the past few years, which have given the area a facelift. There is even a new proposal to add condos to Larimer Place, a well-known high rise within LoDo. These new townhomes and condos make downtown a polished, vibrant area. Creating curb appeal for the city makes the area look classy which can help tourism and encourage visitors to spend time there.
These units are close to so many amenities. First of all, there are pools, lounges, fitness rooms and other fun places within the high rises themselves. This is an added luxury many apartment buildings have, but these are top of the line. Plus, those are just examples of services within the building. Just a short walk away, in some cases across the street, there are shops, theaters, concert halls, stadiums and public transit stations. This can save residents a lot in gas money over the years. Also, since owners are already downtown, they are in the heart of the city, and close to parks and museums.
What are some nearby landmarks?
Downtown units are very close to such places as Civic Park, Denver Gardens and the History and Art Museum of Colorado. With these cultural hubs only a few miles away, there are many options for residents to get out and enjoy the city.
A huge plus to residents is the lack of a yard. While yards are great to have, many would rather not have extra chores to do around the house, especially considering Denver has a great park system. There are even a couple of parks very close to downtown. Governor’s Park and Civic Park are two such parks, but the most famous has to be Washington Park. This park is an attractive site for fitness, with three different running trails plus a road bike trail. In the spring and summer months, residents can expect a few thousand people playing volleyball, croquet, barbequing and dancing to music.
Ellich Gardens is another landmark by downtown Denver. It is a theme park that offers many different kinds of rides to visitors. It is across the street from the Pepsi Center, which is home to the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche. Needless to say, there are plenty of options for those who live in downtown Denver.
Having luxurious townhomes and condos in LoDo is a great option for home buyers. They can have first class amenities while living the urban lifestyle they crave. This is why luxurious residences in downtown Denver are on the rise.
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