Do You Need To Include Your Linkedin URL In Your Resume?

Do you need to include a LinkedIn URL on your resume? The short answer is “Yes, you definitely need to.”
But before you include the URL, make sure that your LinkedIn profile has been updated completely with your professional qualifications and accomplishments as well as your personal contact information. Update skills so that it becomes easier for prospective employers to match your skills to the job requirements.

Why do you need to include a LinkedIn URL?

  • 90% of most human resource managers use as the primary social media for researching candidates. So the LinkedIn profile page has become even more important that your street address or phone number.
  • A LinkedIn profile showcases your contacts to the prospective employer. You are judged by who you know within the LinkedIn community. Your social media presence communicates your networking abilities, your ability to form the right professional connections, and your choice of professional groups and job interests.
  • In a snapshot, a prospective employer can view the recommendations of people who know you well and who have worked with you. This is something that a resume alone cannot provide. Recommendations are non-editable by the candidate seeking the job. These, therefore, are the true test of a candidate’s qualifications.
  • The LinkedIn profile only complements your resume. It is not a substitute for a resume. Never include a line that leaves information incomplete on your resume and instead leaves a link saying “Click here for more information”. This is an absolute no-no.
  • The LinkedIn profile is your professional brand and speaks for who you are, what you do, and who you know. Respect this and utilize it in your job search.

How do you include a LinkedIn URL in your resume?

Before you copy the URL, proofread your profile to see that there are no spelling errors. To do this, you will have to first Log in to
Follow these essential steps to procure the URL and include it in your resume:

  • After logging in, click on the “Profile” tab and then click “View Profile”.
  • Once you have checked your profile for errors, move to the address field at the top of your Web browser window and copy the web address.
  • Copy this URL to the Additional Information or Contact section of your resume. Include a small description by saying, “LinkedIn Profile:”
  • When you place the cursor at the end of the copied URL and press “Enter”, the word processor will turn the URL into a hyperlink. What this means is that when the employer clicks on this hyperlink, he will be directly navigated to the LinkedIn website and your profile.
  • Since the URL contains “http//” and “www”, you can delete the “http//” from the URL and retain only “www”.  Make the URL short so it looks better on your resume.

LinkedIn URLs must be included in your resumes. They are also an important asset in your job search process. LinkedIn also helps prospective employers to discover you and reach out to you easily. Maintaining an updated profile also speaks volumes about your determination and interest to get a job. A very important tool in the online recruiting domain, a LinkedIn profile will only boost your chances of securing a job.
Article written and published by Sun Maag. Visit for professional resume writing help and more.

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