Daniel E. Dekoter Explains How To Manage Legal Disputes Efficiently

One of the most expensive parts of resolving an argument is the time spent dealing with it rather than running the business. The dispute can be with a supplier, customer, employee or business partner. In each case how you manage the dispute may differ, but there are some important steps provided by Daniel E. Dekoter that if followed can enable you to handle the problem and keep excellent business relations.

Factors According to Daniel E. DeKoter that can help Manage Disputes

  • Collect all the evidences and facts: Document the main particulars of the argument which can include times, dates, service or product details, photographs, guarantees, agreements, contracts or leases, and discussions.
  • Stay calm and composed and be neutral: It is very important to be well-mannered and to stay calm and composed in all types of communications. Also you should try to understand the situation from the point of view of other party.
  • Think of inventive answers: Search for a successful solution that will reinstate your business relation. Prepare a list of potential answers to discuss with the opposition party and you should be convincing and be ready to negotiate. Think about how achieving a specific solution will influence your business specifically in terms of money, time and impending working relations.
  • Know how to negotiate:  Make sure the person you are talking to in order to come to a negotiation should have the authority to settle the dispute. At times smaller issues can be handled with a phone call while other complicated matters can be handled face to face. In case you have reaches a solution, ensure that you put it in writing and offer the other party with a copy.
  • Write a professional formal letter: Writing a professional formal letter will provide you a chance to resolve the dispute and this can also be used as proof of your attempt to solve the dispute if you need to use another means of solution. Make sure that the formal letter outlines the matters in dispute, the steps that have been taken to resolve the matter, the necessary solution and a time frame for this to take place.

In case you are still not able to solve the dispute after talking and writing to the third party; then the next option that you have is to solve the issue using mediation or negotiation. This is because; these services are quite inexpensive and less demanding than going to court. Even though Daniel E. Dekoter is a renowned civil litigation attorney; he still says that taking the case to the court should be regarded as the last resort. And in case you are willing to take the dispute to court should consider the money, time and effort included to make sure it is worth it.

Daniel Dekoter specializes in insurance defense, personal injury, and business and employment law, business disputes, and administration and estate planning and is associated with DeKoter, Thole & Dawson, P.L.C. firm as a partner at present. He has the license to practice in Iowa.

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