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A goal of many people just beginning to work out is to both lose weight and put on muscle mass at the same time. Although this is a common dream, it is often something that is very difficult to achieve – especially without experience with exercising or prior knowledge of the best ways to accomplish your fitness goals. One method that many people have had tremendous success with is by combining cycling and weightlifting.
Add Weight to Go Faster
Cycling and weightlifting provides your body with the best of both words – the cycling is an intense cardiovascular workout and the weight training will allow you to build muscle mass. The combination of the two will let you bulk up quickly, all while trimming off the unwanted fat that causes most people to begin exercising in the first place. Finding routines that have both qualities can be the difference between spending countless hours at the gym without seeing major results and getting your body in the shape that you want, and being able to reach your goals in time.
The cardio workout provided by the cycling portion of the Muscle Maximizer is one of the most effective ways to trim the unwanted fat from your body. Cardio exercise is anything which raises your heartbeat and blood circulation to a certain level. This increased level of activity will assist in speeding up your body’s metabolism. When the cardio exercise is performed on a regular basis, your body will continuously burn fat and process calories faster than it would if you were living an inactive life without the cardio routines.
The Combination for Speed

Combining cycling and weightlifting allows you to reap the amazing fat burning benefits of cycling while the weightlifting will work out your muscles, allowing you to put on solid muscle mass at the same time you are ridding your body of excess fat. Weightlifting adds size and strength to your muscle by a process of constantly breaking down and rebuilding the tissue that the muscle is made up of. Pushing your body with a difficult weightlifting workout will cause small tears in the muscle which will be healed and regrown while your body rests. Your body will use excess water and protein to rebuild the muscle, so anyone trying to increase their muscle size needs to be mindful to increase the level of protein they take in on a daily basis. An increase of protein gives your body more available protein to rebuild the muscle with and thus provides fuel to help you reach your muscle goals.
Many people find the goal of losing weight and simultaneously building muscle to be difficult, but cycling and weightlifting is an ideal balance. Cycling gives your body a much more intense cardiovascular workout than normal running and jogging does and thus allows you to burn fat faster. Another benefit of cycling is that it allows you to tone your leg and abdomen muscles much better than simply running on a treadmill. The resistance on your muscles from the cycling causes them to work harder and this shapes your muscles quickly. Cycling is also actively works out many more of the muscles in your legs and abdomen than simple and common cardio routines do, allowing you to get your body into better shape, faster.
Cycling and weightlifting is a great routine plan for anyone who has decided that it is time to get their body into the shape that they hope for. For someone just beginning to exercise it can be the perfect introduction to tone and shape their body. Experienced fitness-minded people will find that combining the two types of routines at an elevated level is the perfect way to push their body just a little bit further. has many more articles on cycling.  Check them out when you have time.

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