Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Your Lumps And Cure Your Cellulite

Whether you are slender or fit, young or old, man or woman, the fact remains that you will have cellulite at any point in your life. It is the most common dilemma of people worldwide– so common that there are already many cellulite treatments that use advanced methods to address this imperfection in our body.

So before giving up and confining yourself to a lifetime of having cellulite in your thighs, stomach, or other parts of your body, let’s look at some cellulite treatments which can change the way you see yourself and transform you into the flawless smooth body of your dreams:

1. Anti-Cellulite Leggings

Isn’t it great that our technology today have created caffeine-infused leggings with the same purpose of cellulite removal treatment? It may sound magical, but it works great since it provides constant compression to your thighs while you wear these and it can improve the blood circulation in the area. More blood flow means boosting the process of breaking down that cellulite in the affected area.

2. Synergie

As designed by Aesthetic Massage System, synergie works by stimulating the skin tissues while increasing the blood flow to the affected area. Unlike other traditional massages, the synergie massage lasts for about 45 minutes and is much deeper since it targets the tissues underneath our skin so that the fats stuck in it will be released through the lymphatic system. Moreover, to fully achieve the positive results of this treatment, patients are advised to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise after the treatment.

3. Triactive Laser Therapy

As said in its name, TriActive involves three effective processes in cellulite removal treatment that were done separately before. With TriActive, the use of laser therapy, vacuuming of the skin and cooling are combined into one treatment which is considered to be highly effective in curing the problem areas in the body. It starts with laser therapy that breaks down the fat cells underneath, followed by the suctioning of the skin to promote better blood circulation and lastly, cooling the particular area for a finishing touch.

4. Body Fx

Looking for a safe and effective solution that works perfectly for your cellulite? Try the Body FX anti-cellulite treatment. This method doesn’t require any recovery period. Thus, the patient can return to his daily activities right after each session of Body FX as it works in our body without any need for needle insertion. It tightens the tissues affected by fat cells of cellulite so that the dimpled skin will fade gradually.

5. Exilis

As an FDA approved cellulite removal treatment, you can expect the body shaping result of Exilis to be permanent in your body as long as you maintain it with a healthy lifestyle and constant exercise. With this great news, Exilis is also considered to be the fastest radio-frequency method for anti-cellulite treatment in the market as each session only requires at least 20 minutes of the patient’s time. Furthermore, it is painless and comes with a no-scar assurance since it is a non-surgical treatment.

6. Cellupulse Treatment

Cellupulse is first used for addressing injuries of athletes, but as studies have shown, the process that involves sound waves to shock skin tissues which results in a better blood circulation are also held significant in curing cellulite in the body. The sound waves applied to the body shrinks the fats in between the connective tissue and so, the treatment is considered to be an effective way to reduce cellulite appearance.

7. VelaShape

VelaShape is a body contouring procedure that works well in reducing fats in our body. With its central purpose, VelaShape is primarily recommended for people who wants to lose excess weight, and cellulite reduction only comes secondary. And just like other cellulite treatments, this method also uses infrared and radio-frequency waves to focus on the fat cells and targets to melt it down without any harmful effect on the underlying tissues around the affected area. It improves body’s skin tone as it further complements on its body contouring process. Also, VelaShape is developed to make women realize that you don’t have to undergo surgical procedures to reach your goal body appearance.

With all these said treatments, you must still keep in mind that there’s no treatment that can solve your cellulite problem fully to 100%. A lot or almost all cellulite treatments are effective; however, your skin type and your body’s reaction to each method can still alter the expected results of each cellulite treatment. So when you’ve found the best way to lessen your cellulite appearance, it is recommended to stick with it and embrace the results wholeheartedly.

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