Creating Safe Habitats For Pets Birds Is A Major Step In Conservation

Saving bird habitats in Hawaii is a one point agenda for conservationists who are committed to save the bird population of this island. This may leave many people wondering how habitats are linked to saving the birds from getting killed. To understand this, one has to look deep into the ways the conservationists work.

Sustaining the Bird Population

While predators are the main concern of conservationists, targeting it can only help to stop killing of birds by other animal species, especially cats. But conservation is not only about preserving the population that exists. On one hand, conservationists are anxious to protect the birds and on the other, it also looks into the ways how the bird population can be maintained through multiplication, for which breeding is essential. Unless there is enough breeding, the population will automatically dwindle with time. Hence to ensure that the efforts of conservation have long term effect in nurturing the bird population conservationists have felt the need to provide natural habitats to birds that are safe and protected and encourage breeding.

Creating Sanctuaries

The objective of conservationists is to provide the most congenial natural environment to birds that encourage it to live safely and breed because this is what has been lacking in the environment of this beautiful island.  They have taken up the mission of saving bird habitats so that birds are safe from predators and other life threatening dangers and can live safely. To achieve this goal, they have taken up the responsibility of setting up sanctuaries at demarcated places on the island that can become safe havens for birds.

Protected Places

The sanctuaries are protected places for birds and the kind of protection that is given depends on the type of invasive species that are found in that area. The place is cut off from the surroundings by setting up fences that prevent the entry of animals into that zone. For animals of bigger size like goats, sheep, pigs wire fencing has been found to be effective. The animals that are kept away not only endanger the birds but can also cause damage to the natural vegetation of the place. There are some native trees like the mamane which provide food for some birds but are also equally liked by sheep and goats that feed on its leaves. This creates shortage of food for birds that affects its existence, hence the need for saving bird habitats.

Predator Proof Fencing

The predator proof fencing has been developed to ward off cats and rats from the protected areas. Unlike wire fencing that has gaps in between this type of fencing is made from panels of fine wire mesh that are placed side by side to give continuous construction without any gaps. The top of the fencing is provided with an arched hood and to prevent the entry of rats and other diggers there is skirting at the bottom of the fencing that remains underground.

That birds make good use of the facilities is supported by breeding records maintained by the conservationists.

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