Courier Services and Mail Services: One Purpose Different Nature

Courier Services and Mail Services: One Purpose Different Nature

There can be a very fine line seen between courier services and mail services which set the two apart. Though serving the same purpose, the nature of their work is a bit different in terms of speed, price, security, tracking, and customization.

As far as their basic difference is concerned mail services include the delivery of letters, parcels, small packages etc. via physical means which is cheap compared to courier services that help delivering huge packages globally. These packages, as delivered through courier, can be conveyed to the consignee using any mode of transport i.e. airplane, truck, motorcycle etc.

I would be discussing a few of these differences in this article.

Advanced Differences between Mail and Courier


Consider the case where you have to send a parcel to your friend or colleague who resides in a different country. Which mode would you go for? The courier mode would come naturally to you in this particular case as delivering the parcel by hand to a person living in a different country would definitely be a time-consuming rather an impractical job. Couriers play efficiently in cases such as these, the parcel that you need to send is delivered to the airport from where it is shipped and thus, reaches the consignee at a speed faster than that of the mail services. Even when delivering the parcel within the city, mail services may not prove to be equivalently speedy, as it requires quite a lot of time to deliver the parcel/letter to the post office which then can be delivered to the concerned person.

Courier point is one such courier company that ensures its clients prompt delivery of their valuable within no time.


The courier services charge more for the additional facilities they provide to their clients. The airfare, shipping and delivering charges are higher in case of the courier services as compared to that of mail services, which is what makes the courier service expensive and convenient.

Delivering a parcel to Hong Kong is sure to cost more to the client living in India, availing the courier services, than it would cost a person doing the same via the mail mode.

Hence, the courier services can claimed to be having an upper edge over the traditional mail services while the traditional mail services, due to having its limitations, has not been able to win the show.

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