Consolidating Your Debt: Opt For The Best

Consolidating Your Debt: Opt For The Best

Students who are entangled in debt must diligently look out for help. A debt consolidation company that offers a low charge for its services would be an ideal thing to do. There are so many companies operating in the debt management market that work their hearts out to make sure their client’s debts are well managed. But before getting into this procedure one must have a complete understanding of what debt consolidation actually is?

Consolidating Your Debt: Opt For The Best
Debt consolidation is the combining of several unsecured debts into a single, new loan that is more favorable. Debt consolidation involves taking out a new loan to pay off a number of other debts. The new loan may result in a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment or both. Consumer can use debt consolidation as a tool to make it easier to get out of student loan debt, credit card debt and other types of debt that aren’t tied to an asset.
Here are a few resources that might help you out in searching for the ideal option as far as debt consolidation is concerned:

  • National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief is one of the country’s largest and one of the most reputable debt settlement companies. They specialize in debt settlement and have negotiated settlementsfor thousands of creditor and collection accounts providing clients with both expertise and proven results. This means helping consumers in their time of hardship to get out of debt with the least possible cost. It can also mean conducting financial consultations, educating the consumer and recommending the appropriate solution. Their core services offer debt settlement as an alternative to bankruptcy, credit counseling, and debt consolidation.

  • Cura Debt

CuraDebt is a financial crisis assistance company that was formed in 2000, making it one of the oldest and most experienced teams in the industry. Their talented team of representatives specializes in providing help to both individuals and small businesses who need immediate financial support. 

  • Care One Credit

Care One Credit is the provider of Expert Debt Relief Services. They are different because they have been in the shoes of indebted and know what being in debt feels like. Credit counseling services are also a part of their ventures.

  • American Debt Tenders

ADE is dedicated to helping people lead a debt free life. ADE currently offers non-profit Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement, Credit Restoration and Free Telephone Bankruptcy Counseling, through contractual agreements. As a counseling and enrollment company they operate as contractual affiliates and provide credit counseling expertise. The credit counselors at American Debt Tenders are well equipped to provide you with guidance about these programs and your debt relief options in general, and how well suited your situation is for each of them. Established relationships with the best companies help in managing customer situations rather effectively.

  • Lending Club

Lending Club is the world’s largest online credit market place, facilitating personal loans, business loans, and financing for elective medical procedures. Borrowers access lower interest rate loans through a fast and easy online or mobile interface. The operations are fully online with no branch infrastructure, and use technology to lower cost and deliver an amazing experience. Cost savings are passed on to borrowers in the form of lower rates and investors in the form of attractive returns. Debt consolidation through the Lending Club could just be a click away.

  • Prosper

Prosper is America’s first peer-to-peer lending marketplace, with more than 2 million members and over $2,000,000,000 in funded loans.Prosper allows people to invest in each other in a way that is financially and socially rewarding. On Prosper, borrower’s list loan requests between $2,000 and $35,000 and individual lenders invest as little as $25 in each loan listing they select. Prosper handles the servicing of the loan on behalf of the matched borrowers and investors.

  • Ready For Zero

ReadyForZero was created to serve the need to automatically manage and reduce debt online. In the United States, Americans manage over $11 trillion in personal debt on their own. Reducing debt and protecting credit are common financial goals that affect more than 144 million Americans and ReadyForZero has helped quite a lot of them.

  • SavvyMoney

SavvyMoney is the site for people who aren’t enormously in trouble, but who have realized they’ve been asleep at the credit wheel and need to do something about it, before it’s too late. Their intension is to rebrand ‘I’m in debt’ to ‘I owe some money’, because they think that’s how people really think about debt. Free tools are offered that could be used to work out what debts to focus on first as well as a membership product that takes the hard work out of optimizing your payments and keeps you on the pay off path.

  • Franklin Debt Relief

Franklin Debt Relief’s “New Deal” is an innovative debt solution that dramatically reduces the monthly payment and overall debt amount of its clients. They vision as stated by their CEO is to help Americans relieve their excessive debt burden and the everyday emotional anxiety that accompanies it. It was from this simple vision that they chose to incorporate the stamps of two great American icons—Benjamin Franklin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt—and their twin legacies of wealth-building and hope.

  • DebtCC- Debt Consolidation Care

Debt Consolidation Care (DebtCC) is internet’s first get-out-of-debt community which helps individuals and families with free debt advice on debt consolidation, debt settlement, dealing with credit card debts, payday loans, creditors and collection agencies. There are consultants to offer free debt counseling so as to help you pay down your debt and bring your credit and finances back in order.

  • Student Debt Relief

Student Debt Relief offer individuals, seeking to consolidate or lower their monthly student loan payments, the knowledge needed to choose a practical and affordable solution. The team of highly trained professionals are not only experts in identifying program options available to students, but also specialize in quickly getting through the application process – all the way up until the student is qualified & enrolled.  Student Debt Relief will make the process as simple as possible for students, so they don’t have to navigate the application alone.

  • Fast track debt relief

Fast track debt relief is committed to helping consumers take control of their debt and settle it as quickly as possible. Their debt relief program is custom tailored to fit personal needs in order to relieve financial stress and put individuals on a path towards financial freedom.

  • DebtWave Credit Counseling

Debt wave credit counseling, Inc. was established in 2001 with the mission of delivering debt management and financial education to the public. Initially this education was generally delivered through one-on-one counseling sessions, but later on several community outreach programs evolved. Many consumers qualified and enrolled onto our Debt management Program with the help of personal Credit Counselors, which has enabled them to pay off their debt more efficiently.

  • Premier Debt Help

Premier Debt Help offers free debt relief consultations to consumers in 50 different U.S. states. With many years of experience in the consumer debt industry, the professional team of Premier Debt Help is prepared to help everyone establish a debt settlement program that will help in eliminating debt in as little as 12-36 months.

  • InCharge

One of the most popular features of InCharge debt management plan is payment consolidation. Paying multiple creditors – each with different due dates – can be time consuming and stress inducing. With the InCharge plan, Borrower makes only one consolidated debt payment to InCharge and they handle the payments to each creditor; this delivers the convenience of debt consolidation without the risk of taking out a new loan.

These debt relief companies would help students in making the right choices and opting for the best. Student must realize that this debt burden would last long if they won’t make the best decision. There are so many debt relief companies existing that help individuals to overcome their debt and that too for a lowest possible fee but this entirely depends upon you to choose from so many of them since the terms laid down by these companies are more or less the same.

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