Common Knee Injuries And Their Treatments

Common Knee Injuries And Their Treatments

When residents of sunny Los Angeles spend their time surfing, hiking, skating, and biking on the expanse of beaches and trails of the city, the last thing on their minds is probably ending up with a knee injury. One misstep is all it takes to cause an injury to a muscle, ligament or tendon so that you are no longer feeling the enthusiasm you have always had for enjoying the beauty and adventure that LA has to offer. When a knee injury does occur, you should seek an orthopedic surgeon, or knee surgeon, to evaluate your condition and provide the best treatment to get you back to your favorite activities as soon as possible.

Types of Knee Injury

Injuries to the knee are one of the most common types of injuries people experience. A knee surgeon may treat a fracture, dislocation, sprain, or torn ligament. While many knee injuries can be effectively treated with non-invasive treatments such as bracing or therapy, surgery is sometimes the only alternative for complete recovery.

Three bones, the tibia, femur and patella, meet to form the knee joint, the largest joint in the body. In spite of its large, complex structure, this is also the easiest joint to injure. Nearly any injury to the knee is painful and the goal of the knee surgeon is to relieve pain and restore the knee to its full functionality. Non-invasive treatments are usually the first line of defense, with surgery being considered only as a last resort.

Common Knee Injuries And Their Treatments

Protecting Your Knees

Prevention is always preferential over treatment, and that is true with protecting your knees while you enjoy board sports and other outdoor activities. During any activity, always be aware of your positioning and keep a slight bend in your knees instead of keeping them perfectly straight. This will provide shock absorption while you are jumping and prevent you from tearing ligaments.

Other Causes of Knee Pain

You don’t have to suffer an injury in order to suffer with knee paid. People will often see a knee surgeon when they develop chronic pain that interferes with their quality of life. Osteoarthritis is usually the reason for the pain, resulting from the breakdown of cartilage and the rubbing together of the bones in the joint. While osteoarthritis is predominately seen in older people, it can also occur while you are younger than 45. The most common form of the disease is that of the knee. More women see a knee surgeon for treatment of osteoarthritis than men do.

Treatments for Knee Pain

The knee surgeon will evaluate your condition and determine the right treatment for you. In cases where there has been significant deterioration of the knee joint, partial or total knee replacement may be required. The knee surgeon has the skills and the diagnostic equipment to determine the source of your knee pain and to provide you with the non-surgical or surgical treatment to restore the function of the joint and reduce or eliminate the source of your pain.

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