Cleaning The Carpets At Your Own With These Simple Steps

Beautifully designed carpets placed in the drawing rooms and other portions of our sweet homes give us a sense of pride and pleasure. These costly pieces need to undergo fine carpet cleaning after few months otherwise they may become dirty enough and lead to stains or tearing off.

Cleaning The Carpets At Your Own With These Simple Steps

Those planning to enjoy freedom from dirt as regards the carpets should follow the following steps-

  • Clean at the right time– Many lazy guys do not clean their carpets until it becomes dirty enough. It may be quite difficult with carpets suffering from excessive filth. As such it is wise to clean the carpets after every four five months or when it seems dirty enough. It is recommended to clean the piece when its color starts becoming dull or faded. More the filth, more difficulty and time for fine carpet cleaning.  
  • Vacuuming– Large particles of soil can be got rid of with proper vacuuming before and after the cleaning process. It helps in picking up soil that may stick to the surface during the drying action.
  • Misting– The dirtiest areas of the carpet must be misted with little detergent that may be mixed with hot water that should be sprayed.
  • It is recommended to remove or elevate the furniture before the cleaning process. Putting aluminum foil squares, plastic film or the wood blocks under and around the furniture legs prevents rust.
  • Plain tap water– Most of the stains can be cleared with plain water from your home tap. Make use of a clean, dry white cloth that may be pressed on the stain for absorbing the spill. Water may be worked into the stain using a damp white cloth that is blotted till the time the stain disappears.
  • Avoid making the carpet too wet as lot of moisture may be put into it during its cleaning. The carpet should be allowed to get dried up thoroughly. The windows, doors and ventilators should be kept open after cleaning the carpet. It helps in removing excessive moisture.
  • Avoid scraping or rubbing– Be cautious not to scrub or rub as it may result in damage to the fibers. Remember to blot from the exterior of the stain followed by doing it towards the center.
  • Extracting and rinsing– The carpet pile should be flushed with organic rinsing agent. Pressure and heat should be used in apt manners to avoid over-wetting of the carpet as it may lead to complications.

Fine carpet cleaning requires vacuum cleaner, sponges and the steam-cleaning machine. Different materials including vinegar, club soda, carpet-cleaning soap, proper towels, vacuum filters, paper towels, indoor & outdoor floor mats and spot treating cleaners are needed. Now that you have cleaned the carpet, be careful not to allow children or pets to have access to the piece for a considerable time. Likewise avoid walking from the carpet to the hard surfaces that may be slipping for some time. The carpet may be vacuumed after the first twenty four hours after cleaning.

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