Choosing Between An Indoor And Outdoor Wedding

When planning your wedding the first thing you will have to decide is whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Which one you choose should depend on factors such as when and where you want to get married and how big your wedding budget is.

You can often save money on an outdoor wedding over an indoor wedding because outdoor venues don’t need as much in the way of décor. However, you take the chance that the weather won’t cooperate on your wedding day. If you are not willing to have an alternate indoor location in mind an outdoor wedding may not be for you. Your only other option is to have a tent on standby in case weather disrupts your plans for the day.

One drawback to holding your wedding outdoors is that you may have to rent restroom facilities for your guests and even your wedding party. Rental of these facilities can be difficult to obtain and is often costly.

It is possible for an indoor wedding to cost less if you choose a venue that is beautiful enough that you don’t feel the need to provide much, if any, décor. Using the décor at the venue gives you wedding a more natural look and saves you a significant amount of time and work.

Most weddings stretch into the evening hours and lighting an outdoor wedding at night can be tricky and result in spending more money than you may be comfortable with. A wedding that runs late into the night is often best held indoors.

Choosing Between An Indoor And Outdoor Wedding

Depending on how many guests you want to invite to your wedding there are benefits to choosing to have it outdoors. The bigger your wedding guest list is the more likely you will need to have it outdoors in order to accommodate everyone. And an outdoor wedding is generally much more conducive to keeping child guests entertained without having to confine them to an indoor venue.

The formality of your wedding ceremony also effects whether or not you want to choose an indoor or outdoor venue. Generally speaking, traditional wedding ceremonies and receptions are always held indoors. An outdoor wedding has a more laid back feel to it than an indoor wedding, which can often help your guests relax and enjoy the day more.

On the other hand, having an outdoor wedding means that you will have countless opportunities to have your photographer take unique photos you wouldn’t get at an indoor venue. For some couples, this alone makes an outdoor wedding worth the risk. Photographing your entire wedding party is often easier and more fun to do outside than inside. In addition, the natural light will help your wedding photos look more natural even when they are posed shots. You can even use props such as sparklers made for taking wedding pictures that aren’t practical for an indoor wedding. Overall, you will likely have more options for poses than you would if you had an indoor wedding.

The choice is one you must carefully weigh before deciding where your special day will be held, but there are benefits for both types of weddings. Regardless if you have your wedding indoors or outdoors, you can have a magical experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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