Choosing A Style For Your Diamond Ring

Whether you’re buying a ring for a special occasion or an engagement ring for that special someone here are some tips to help make sure you buy the best one.

What’s Her Style?

There are many different styles to choose from. Make sure you match her style by picking one that suits her. Is she more contemporary or vintage? Would she prefer a yellow gold band or a white gold one?

Vintage Rings

Vintage rings are in an older style and they are seen as desirable.

These rings are modelled on the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods. They’re popular with all ages but most recently a younger audience has started to wear them.

The vintage style often has one main diamond set in the middle with many others surrounding it. The band is usually ornate and is sometimes twisted, it is very rarely plain. Most likely they will be made from white gold or platinum. The older styles (from 1900 and before) are more likely to be made from yellow gold.

Contemporary Rings

These diamond rings have a much plainer and sleeker look than vintage rings. The most popular band material is platinum as it tends to last longer. Modern engagement rings sometimes have a single set diamond in the centre. It’s common to find unusual styles that are much more interesting. More and more contemporary designers are trying to make their designs stand out so there are a lot of interesting and uncommon designs to choose from. This is great if the person you are buying for likes to stand out and is unique!

There are many other styles but vintage and contemporary are the most popular.

Diamond Cut

The way a diamond is cut changes the style completely, there are many options such as Princess cut, Baguette cut, Round Brilliant cut and many others. Round Brilliant cut is particularly popular with single set stones. Cushion cut is particularly interesting as this cut makes the diamond look especially unique.

Buying in Person

One of the best ways to buy a diamond ring is to view it in person. You can get see a selection of varying styles in shops such as ascot diamonds.

Buying in person allows the store assistant to match the ring style you require and to offer helpful advice on which ring to buy. There are so many pitfalls when ring buying that it makes most sense to spend the time going to visit the store to get professional advice.

How Long Will the Ring Last?

There’s nothing worse than buying an expensive ring, only to find it can be damaged easily. There are a few different materials to choose from when buying, but one of the best and most popular is Platinum. Platinum is a hard wearing, dense metal that doesn’t fade and resists dents. If the person you are buying it for has an active lifestyle then it is definitely worth considering.

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